Congrats Alan and Xinny Den Otter!

So early yesterday morning Alan and Xinny welcomed their second child – a boy – Alexander Scott… 9lbs. 6oz. 21 inches! How exciting!
I have come to a decision – I am going to make a September resolution – kinda like a New Years resolution only… in September hehe… and that is to cut back to 2 slurpees a week… I am getting hooked on them horribly again – like one a day and that huge cup full – pepsi of course! Naughty!
So this morning was cold and windy and we ended up housebound. Luckily mom had the day off so she was able to go pay rent and storage unit for me as well as pick up milk, course that makes it harder for the twins to settle for their nap but with runny noses and coughs and us having to go out tonight to get groceries I thought it best we stay home, watch tv and play. At least Emanuel slept better last night!
I have been spoiling the boys with tv.. this afternoon I let Emanuel watch Treehouse… the Motrin and Dimetapp makes him drowsy but not enough to nap so this is a nice way for him to sit and rest.
Hmm a boring day I guess… not much to say just a bit of a headache and the need for sleep..

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