Answer me this, are we the only people to try to keep into concideration that we live with close neighbors? This afternoon AGAIN the upstairs neighbor was bouncing or banging or SOMETHING hard enough to make our ceiling move! And then the music goes up and WOW end of naptime… So I am stuck with a cranky Zander – JOY. What I did do is call the landlord and ask that they maybe check the ceiling and she decided to call up there and tell her no worries just for safety sake bounce somewhere else???
We had a nice long walk this morning – to the bank for quarters, mailing a baby present, dollar store for craft supplies, off to the drugstore and then the long way around the lake and running in grass for the big boys and then home. Lunch and then nap… at least that all went off without a hitch, course Emanuel did not nap too long, his cold is still getting to him…
This weekend actually went rather well… we went out a couple of time, made it through a third of a church service… all in all did some family stuff…. AND on Monday (labour day) Ken helped Karyn move! She starts her new job next week! ACK! Changes everywhere!
Well legos are out and so far peace reigns… we went through our flashcards twice and Emanuel even got BALL right! Craft time fell apart but at least Emanuel did up a picture… now I just need to convince Ken to take the big boys out when he gets home….

2 thoughts on “FRUSTRATING!

  1. Ugh, I know the close living frustrations. My upstairs neighbours must have got a new basketball last week because they have been bouncing the darn thing like crazy.  
  2. Isn’t it maddening how people do not realize that living in an apartment means NEIGHBORS!!!  

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