Thursday… so wish it was FRIDAY

So I found after years of searching Clearly Canadian in a local drugstore – of course it is $2.00 a bottle! But MMMM They say they get their pop supplies from a grocery type store out in the industrial end of town which of course is ONLY open 9-5 and on weekdays – figures!! So if anyone is heading over there… I would assume they have MORE flavours mmmm.
Yesterday the kids and I were REALLY ambitious… in the morning we ran through flashcards, Emanuel coloured and then each of the twins took a stab at painting… after all that fun we walked to Co-Op for milk and 7-11 for slurpee and lemonade… mommy got smart and brought their travel sippy cups so we were able to take a nice long walk around the lake with our juice and no spills. Before we even left our street we ran into an old business associate of Ken’s who did not know we had not moved yet and stood and chat while the twins played in the dirt and Emanuel snuck in a nap (as soon as we started walking again the twins helped me wake him back up)… now here comes the ambitious part – after naps we walked downtown AGAIN – first to the drugstore to get water and mommy’s new found treat since we were completely out of water at home, then to Grandma’s work and then to the library where mommy tried to read stories and keep the damage low. Grandma picked the twins up at the library and then Ken met us there. We had a short shopping trip and drive through McD’s. Emanuel was so tired out from 2 outings in one day that he went to bed at 6:30 pm and slept til 6! Amazing!
A group of buyers came through today to look at that apartments at 1… I kept the twins up and Emanuel woke up moments before they came (EARLY wah)… Putting the twins to nap 1 1/2 hours past their normal nap is not fun. They just wanted to watch tv (I let them watch while we were waiting as we needed to keep quiet while Emanuel slept). The hope is Emanuel will be obliging and go back down for another nap this afternoon but I am not holding my breath!
I am supposed to make dinner when Ken gets home but I am tempted to tell them to fend for themselves and have a nap… I have been so tired lately!

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