So long silent now BIG news!

Ok so unusual for me NOT to update my blog for over a week… there is a mixture of reasons – #1 – lazy, #2 – kids keeping me busy, #3 – weather has been nice enough for longer walks in the morning leaving me tired in the afternoon, #4 – the ever existent temptation of Anime and Fanfictions for corresonding anime…. and the big big big one #5 – we are moving…. SATURDAY! ACK! Yup you read me right… Ken found us a place in the city! Not my first choice, but bigger, nice neighborhood, super close to work… parks even and a fenced yard… 4 bedrooms!
Now you may ask how did we get so lucky? Well one of Ken’s co-workers is heading off to work at the Denver office for 1-3 yrs and needed someone to rent his home covering mortgage and taxes etc. (did I mention the rent is a lovely price?)… they are moving out on the 21st and want us in on the 22nd! Talk about a whirlwind of change!
In the moments I HAVE had to think about things I have to admit I am nervous… it is official – Lisa is a SMALL TOWN GIRL! I really had hoped we would find a rental out in the smaller city/towns around the large city but as Ken reminds me this a for RENT not FOREVER… after all we have only signed on for a year with the hope that by then our debt will have decreased along with housing prices enough that we can purchase a place in the smaller outlying city of our choice. After all the owner of the house would like the choice of coming back if Denver is not of their liking after a year. It is all so exciting and scary! If you do want our new address please email/msn/etc me privately I will NOT be posting the new address here.
Add to all this crazyness the first day of Sunday School today – Ken took the twins and apparently they got into it after 30 min or so… trying to cram all the local store chores in this weekend and the coming week, Emanuel teething and having growing pains and trying to get a go on my advent exchange with my online sewing group and we are one busy family. Ken and the twins also went to the company picnic yesterday – I was ill and Emanuel cranky so we stayed home. It hit a very warm 23 cel and no one there had sunscreen so Ken of course burned his neck though the twins were fine and came home with goodies! Even a snowsled for Emanuel!!! Apparently they did have fun but then so did Emanuel and I, we had a quiet morning and then a nap (even mommy got in an hour) and then downtown to the used bookstore.
Life is certainly changing around here… I am not sure what our phone/internet hook up is going to be like but plan on updating a couple times this week… if nothing else but a line or two!

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