Moving moving moving!

So tomorrow we move to the "big city"… Ken took yesterday off to pack, we are pretty well ready though there is absolutely no room for the kids to play so they have watched a great deal more tv than I would like. At least in the new place they should have room to run.
I have managed to update some addresses and have our mail forwarded… but there is still a lot to do… most of it will have to wait til after the move, if I had had a whole month I am sure I would have had all the addresses updated and people contacted! At least most of the numbers I have left are toll free.
So I have had a couple of good cries… this is the first place I have lived in for longer than 3/4 yrs – 11 yrs! Can you believe it? As much as I KNOW this is a good move there is a lot of letting go for me – yes I am MUCH more sentimental then Ken! Who is just excited not to have to drive 5 days a week to the city, course who can blame him?
We took our last walk around the lake today and said good-bye to the ducks (though I don’t think the boys understand really what I mean by moving)… we got our lemonade and slurpee and went the long way home… So many "last times" it is hard… ok hard for ME not for anyone else, but hey I am a weeper.
Poor Emanuel seems to be over the gowth spurt for the most part but I think it is the Motrin I gave him for what looked like a tummy ache that is keeping him a little off. I think it is bothering him or something. Seems like I should just put him back to Tylenol, I know some people don’t like certain painkillers etc. Of course I am OUT of that! Go figure. He is, however, talking a lot more. Saying Hi all the time and such. Well life is busy and Emanuel up and in a cranky mood… I will have to post once we have internet.  

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