Good Weekend Bad Weekend?

IMG_0103So Friday Gavin fell and smacked his tooth on the bed railing and CHIPPED IT! Ack so I had to call Ken home and have him look, and call Health Links and then eventually the University hospital… long story short he is going in tomorrow evening to have the emergency dental in the hospital take a look and see if they need to file it down any… it is a half moon at the bottom of his front right tooth and he is eating normally but still… scared the dickens out of me!!
We went to Alan and Xinny’s church today – they have a great nursery though the service was a bit long for Ken. It was nice to try something new ūüôā
Ken had his birthday party Friday night – alcohol, magic cards and computer gaming, the guys had fun and Karyn came too. Then Saturday afternoon she and I did some shopping. It was nice to get away but we had to stand in line for 30 min ! To pay for diapers at Superstore since they were 10.00 cheaper a package!!!! UGH
I am sure there is lots more to say but I am worn out as usual… still a lot of nausea so am not able to eat much so not much energy.
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One thought on “Good Weekend Bad Weekend?

  1. Hi, Lisa!¬† I don’t know which is worse, chipping a tooth or actually losing¬†an entire tooth?¬† Kieran¬†tripped in the batchroom friday and banged his tooth on the bathtub – it was so strong that¬†one front upper tooth¬†fell out!!!¬† He survived except that tomorrow we have to take them¬†to the dentist for cavity fixing.¬† Well, am I going to get a refund because he has one less tooth to look after?
    BTW, did you get the diaper box I sent?
    I was thinking of calling you (we’re booked in Ramada Hotel NW, but I have already made a commitment to meet some Filipino friends so perhaps next time around.
    Tess Brown  

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