Frustration Before 9Am

Well I am starting to think this is the norm for my big boys – every morning lately at least ONE of them has a major meltdown… today it was Gavin’s turn… first of all Zander woke him up at 7:15 – I could hear him GAVIN WAKE UP… grrr… then after Ken left (of course AFTER) Gavin starts to mess around at the kitchen table trying to get Emanuel worked up… I caught him doing something he KNOWS he should not and gave multiple warnings with the promise of a spank on the bum if he does not stop (if I remove him from the table it escalates even further – thus YESTERDAY’S extended lunch period)… he would not listen and got one smack on the bum – which he in turn decided to scream like he had been electrocuted or something.. so I calmly told him to stop and that if he had listened to mommy he would not have gotten a swat… in the meanwhile Zander was done eating and cleaning his spot and then Emanuel had to be tooth brushed and everything… once we all walked away he calmed down and finished eating… Now I was changing their bums since they would not let me do it before breakfast since Daddy was still there (another peeve of mine) and while doing so had GAVIN take Zander’s diaper and put it in the trash – the best way to keep Emanuel safely out of them… so when it was Gavin’s turn I had ZANDER take his… MELTDOWN!! I managed to put a clean bum on him, get him mostly dressed and then the diaper tantrum turned into a NO I DO SOCKS! where he proceeded to slam his head back into my chest… ok so Mommy is on her last calm moment at this point, I took off the socks and said fine do it yourself … so now he is screaming diaper again… (one track mind this one – like his father) Finally fed up with it and him clean and dressed I sent him to his room where for the past 10 min he has been crying about the diaper… I am hoping that he will calm down soon so we can chat. I like to end this situation with a talk and a sorry… not that I am overly sure he MEANS sorry but I like to say sorry too – since I got frustrated and raised my voice…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me they grow out of this… oh and Zander is devastated – the snow melted…. he wants me to make more!!!IMG_0021

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