Ok life is majorly got me in a tailspin right now – I get stuff figured out only to realized it is almost December! ACK! Where had the time gone? Luckily I am down to 3 sewing projects – all minor ones, and then there is the washing and framing – ugh and the finding of frames, for all the cross stitches I am NOT mailing (sorry people who are being mailed out – you are on your own on the finishing). We go and pick up our photos on the weekend when we go to our old church for Sunday School.
Last weekend we went to Trinity to check it out – German/English Lutheran Church and were VERY happy with it, I just need to contact the church with some questions as well as get in contact with the Sunday School teacher for the twins’ age group. So it sounds like starting in January we will be going there full time. It feels so odd to change churches after over a decade!
We did try some shopping last weekend – went all over the place but when we went to a Value Village forgot to get old blankets to stuff up the fireplace – which is a total cold spot right now. So out we go again tomorrow to a different and hopefully BIGGER Value Village. I am hoping to maybe find some more maternity clothes too.. I need a pair of pants, I have very few – go outside pants – mainly some sweats and pj pants I wear at home.
I got a HUGE deal on the fabric for my Christmas dress – when they were punching in my purchase they only charged me for ONE metre of the expensive over cloth instead of 3!! It was so busy and I was keeping tabs on the kids I did not notice until I got out the door! So all I need to get now is the zipper and ribbons, and mom to get back from Mexico (she gets back Sunday night) so we can plan out a day to get everything pieced together – thank goodness she is willing to sew it for me, I am simply not that good of a sewer!
I am still feeling nausea in regards to this pregnancy, which has led to me having a couple of near blackouts – I figure from having trouble keeping down food and a great deal of tiredness… I go to my "new" doctor on the 29th where I will have to discuss all of this with her. I am a little concerned I have dropped weight – my ring is fitting loosly and I have felt off. Oh the glamour of pregnancy!
******Warning GIRL ISSUES******
Ok you have been warned – if you do not want to know skip past this to the next set of ***!
I have started treating a very mild yeast infection. I called up Christine (who is also a pharmacist) to ask what to take (Monistat for 7 days – less concentrated) and then felt that even though this is the same thing that happened at the same cross over into my 2nd trimester with each previous pregnancy I should call my doctor’s office. So I called my old family doctor to talk to the nurse who needed to talk to the doctor who did not get in until 9:30. So I waited – when I hit 11:30 I called the office of the doctor I am going to on the 29th whose secretary was able to tell me that unless I am in the last weeks of my pregnancy to go ahead with exactly what Christine told me to do. This lead to my old doctor’s office calling me after 3pm!! They said a different brand (ugh) so back on the phone with Christine to make sure that was just brand preferance. I am so glad I am going to this other doctor now! So 5 more days of ick and then I should be fine again YAY.
I still need to write our Christmas letter that Ken is thinking may be a better idea to have printed out at Staples on Sunday than buy printer ink and do it ourselves. At least I have Emanuel’s big gift – an easel with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic board on the other. The twins’ train table is "in the works". I have 4 stockings to fill and a few gifts to pick up but mainly have to finish all these wall hangings. I really hope everyone likes them!
I am sure I have more news I just cannot think of it right now! So maybe I will update again this weekend… if I have time…

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