A Mini Catch Up

So we had Nana and Baba here and the kids’ party but I will just update about the big worry on my mind right now – potty training. Nana and Baba in an attempt to help out with the pooping in the potty got a bowl with dollar toys in it, and somehow when both boys ran to go Zander pooped and Gavin only peed so here we are telling Gavin yay you peed – no toy not good enough… which led to him and almost me in tears… so I contacted the smartest ladies I know in the world of twin moms and asked them and got some terrific advice – not toys go with stickers or candies – one for a pee and 2 or 3 for a poop.. then it is still a reward. I feel REALLY good about that, so maybe we will use the toy bowl for something else – like being really good for mommy or cleaning everything up at the end of the day? I AM proud of Zander for pooping (though we still need to wait and see if that was a fluke) BUT Gavin is a very sensitive boy and I felt HORRID for having everyone not able to celebrate the fact he IS the king of dry bum. He is rarely ever peeing in his pull up! Where as Zander is a lot less concistent – the world of twins… what a trip!
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  1. don’t worry, it will all happen eventually.  We have a birthday card for Gavin and Zander but haven’t mailed it yet.
    yes, we did stickers and smarties too and they worked.

    take care,


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