Yesterday’s Testing

I made it home safe and sound with a less a little blood – but have decided that the people who came up with telling a pregnant woman to FAST for 2 hours and then drink a sickeningly sweet orange pop on aforementioned EMPTY stomach then sit for an hour to give up some much loved blood is nearly as sadistic as the individuals who came up with telling the same woman to drink a ton of water and NOT pee then push on her tummy to take fuzzy pictures of her baby…
So I have basically made it to 28 weeks… time has flown by! Karyn and I are thinking of having the baby shower after the baby is born since we already have so much stuff… unless it is a girl! The trip to Minnesota needs to be ironed out last minute and then there is a baptism I figure will be in July… thank goodness none of that has to be dealt with RIGHT NOW. Hopefully life will sort out a little and we can enjoy the last months with just our 3 boys!

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