Wasps Nest

So my mom’s boyfriend was on the phone in his truck and he was just looking around at our street when he happened to look up at the tree in front of our neighbors on that strip of grass on the other side of the sidewalk that the city plants trees on…. well up there like 10-12 feet up in the air was a MASSIVE wasps nest! Something NO ONE seems to have noticed… and we thought all the wasps were there due to our apple tree dropping rotten apples… so now Ken needs to call the city as first of all it is WAY up in the tree, second of all on the branch over the street and third of all WASPS!!!! At least now we know why there are so many, it is just frustrating as I want the boys outside (sick or not – fevers gone no spots so we wait 3 days and if no spots it was just a different virus) but with wasps… no can do and we can’t go for walks right now as Trinity is still feeling a bit icky and I want to keep her home and snuggled as much as possible … I guess we will have to talk to daddy about a trip to the park (a VERY special treat) with us girls relaxing at home….

so we go from hand-foot-mouth to wasps… what’s next? clowns??? lol

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