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Well we have started our homeschooling, so far there are some successes and some painful moments… the boys are very good on which is their left and right hand! BUT letters are slow in coming, the twins are in love with shapes but Gavin is being a brat about colours… Emanuel is learning a bit too though he is rather difficult to deal with at times since he wants to be so involved and yet is a bit young for it… I am just taking every opportunity to talk about things – we play red blocks, well we count them and figure out how many we need… we watch Kai Lan well we try to repeat the Chinese words and talk about what they are doing..
Other than that all the kids are now sick with a cold and Trinity is not sleeping well… BUT we are working on learning. I am hoping to do some research about the LeapFrog first computer as we think that may be a good Christmas gift for the twins.. and of course I am ALWAYS on the look out for Pocoyo for Emanuel…. and found a doll for Trinity the tough one will be KEN!
It is late and I am tired but I went to bed early last night and Trinity was up ALL NIGHT off and on cranky so I am waiting to be good and sure she is asleep! Wish me luck….
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  1. Not sure about the Leapgrog first computer but we do have the leapster pad as well as the tag pen.  Both have been used and are still being enjoyed by Kieran and Kyle.
    See you tomorrow!

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