Best Birth Control EVER

WARNING mature content in a humorous situation!

I would market it as the "Divine Gift" as in Davinia, Trinity Davinia… that’s right, our almost 8 month old darling is a terrific form of birth control… Now how does said method work you may ask… well simply put her to bed in her crib across the room for the bed… wait until she is good and asleep and then decide to snuggle on said bed… now how quickly does it work… you would think this method would initiate on snuggle and chatting quietly… nooooo…. how about kisses and mild "petting"… noooo… try 5 seconds before what Ken terms "the point of no return"… That’s right, our little darling has a sixth sense as to when mommy and daddy are ready to enjoy some "adult moments" and at that point SHRIEKS like a loving, yet angry angel… VERY effective…

Now one asks what about condoms… a 99.9blahblah % effectiveness… well we are well versed and I have had "The Talk" with the Divine Gift… explaining to her that mommy and daddy are well aware of the usage of condoms and practice safe sex… even explaining to her that we have no plans in the near future to usurp her position as the beloved baby… and yet she has so selflessly volunteered her extensive near ESP talents to ensuring the Reinsch-Johnson Clan does NOT add another carseat to our already nearly full mini van…

So though she is effective (and if you speak to Ken often the past month you would know VERY) and at the same time maintains her cuteness she is by no means as kind as the simple condom… at least with conventional birth control you maintain the ability to enjoy the company of your mate.. Divine Gift removes even that satisfaction… this certainly decreases the enjoyment factor but my no means decreases the effectiveness.

Now comes the question of viable to market…. well not overly… let’s see… in order for YOU to have this method you must first have yourself a Trinity and since she breastfeeds and seems to be rather connected to me and mine… well one of a kind (I can almost hear the sigh of relief) so sadly the rest of the world will not have the ability to try this method out, unless they come up with their own version (I am pretty sure you can figure out how to do THAT one)

So sarcasticly we are saying thank you Trinity for ensuring our little family remains 4 strong… but man if only she was not so damn cute! Let’s just pray she starts sleeping deeper so I have less sarcastic laiden mature contact anicdotes to share with you all! 

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