The BEST Gift of Christmas I Had to Return After TWO Days!

You read right… the BEST gift of Christmas was one I HAD to return after only TWO days! The very best of surprises occured on the 27th of December… my Daddy managed to fly in for the family Christmas… picture it, I walked in the door of my Uncle Brian’s 5 kids in tow (had my nephew Jimmie with me as well), shouted out a "Merry Christmas" and got my boots off just in time to see my very own Daddy coming up the stairs from the basement! Tears were shed by yours truly as to be expected for it is a known FACT that Lisa cannot say HELLO or GOOD BYE to her Daddy, Stepmommy and Sister without shedding her share of tears… and best of all I received a great big hug from someone I totally did NOT expect to see this season!
I tried my darndest to convince him that as my Christmas gift he was OBLIGATED to stay here with me, but the reality was there… I had him for 2 days and then had to return to sender… But what a terrific 2 days! We spent a ton of time together at the Reinsch Christmas where he had time to snuggle our little Trinity until she fell asleep in his arms… and then the next day we headed over to my Uncle Vincent’s (he and Stacey adopted twins born the same month as T) and visited with him there… we also opened gifts with him (I still need to mail ours south as Ken could not sneak them into the van without me knowing) where Ken got a blanket and I a sweater and t-shirt from Lees-McRae (whatever shall I do once Kat graduates from there? I will have to go without my college gear – they make the warmest snuggly sweaters!). The boys got their Grandma Reinsch’s favorite movie Wall-E which they watched on the ride home from the city tonight! It was a HUGE hit!
Of course the visit ended with some tears on my┬áside but it was all worth it, my best gift of all was so lovingly given by my Stepmom Jamie and my sister Kat… I am not sure how in the world I will EVER thank them enough for it!!! So though I had to let Dad go home I now have my own trip to plan down with Trinity to look forward to and pictures from this visit to remind me of how much fun we had!!!

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