Lisa’s Mature Designs

These patterns are original designs by Lisa.

Hangman! Pick your words

Hangman! $3.00


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  3. Hi,

    I have a boyfriend who just got accepted into UNC Pharmacy School and I like the RX Symbol free download; however, it will not download. Can someone please help me?

  4. Try clicking the link now! It should work, if it does not let me know! And I would love to see your finished piece. Sorry it took so long my husband/internet guy was sick last week!

  5. Hey! I love your site. I would like to try the Dr. Who cross-stitch, but when I tried to download it, the file wasn’t there. It said, “No File” and “404 Not Found”. Can you please fix it?


  6. Thank you M… I will work on getting it updated and will post a comment in response to yours when I do! Sadly when we changed a few things (like a server and such) not everything was moved properly.

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