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Art, Beauty and a Return to Normal

Day 2 – September 4 

We had a few hiccups with our internet at the B&B but had an absolute blast sitting up late sewing and chatting. We both got our chance in the absolutely AMAZING bathtub jets and all. I love the attention to detail and comfort they took with this place.IMG_4215 IMG_4200 photo 4a (2) photo 2A photo 4a (1)

We had a continental breakfast to enjoy in the morning (full breakfasts are weekends) and a wonderful conversation with our host. The poppy seed muffins were yummy. We made our plans… first to find cheese curds (as fresh as possible), then to head out for shopping and an art gallery and of course one more stop off at 7-11 before heading home.

The cheese factory we found had a wonderful window into the factory where we could see them making their cheese. The cheese curds I purchased (and put in the cooler we brought for this very reason) were fresh that day. Karyn splurged and got some swiss cheese as well. With the new regulations if food is properly labelled and sealed you CAN take it across the border!!IMG_4219 IMG_4220 IMG_4221

The art gallery was a free one found on the state university campus. Definitely a novel experience, being among the college students again and so close to the beginning of the term. It was a lovely building.101_9547 101_9549

And an amazing art gallery that covered tons of different themes and eras. I must warn you… we took more than a few pictures! No flash and the phone loved it! So enjoy.IMG_4226 IMG_4228

20140904_112323 20140904_112706 20140904_11272520140904_11275920140904_112805After the art gallery it was shopping in the gift shop.20140904_120551

And then down the street where all the students shopped to look for some amazing deals and have a light lunch. With Italian soda.FB_IMG_1409853921297

And then realize that all good things must come to an end. Our drive home was uneventful and bittersweet but amazing! A roadtrip to remember… and now for the rest of the pictures! 20140904_112950 20140904_113125

20140904_113429 20140904_113505 20140904_113512 20140904_113609 20140904_185411


When Two Girls Hit the Road…

Day 1 – August 3

For the first time in OVER 2 years I had an overnight trip! What a rush! Karyn and I took a two day trip to see the scenic Wisconsin…. Ok so the scenery was MOSTLY corn fields (seriously – where were all the cows????)… and we had a ton of rain on the road… but it was so much fun!101_9527

We started out the morning of the 3rd all dressed up with a cooler full of drinks and a bag of snacks. We had over 4 hours on the road… first to the bed and breakfast and then on to Madison Wisconsin. Miss Echo had to show off her all in white fashion as well.




Walking Iron Bed & Breakfast was lovely (HERE). We had the William Thompson room (HERE). Trust me the bathroom WAS decadent. What a tub!!! And so much space. We lucked out and the other guests were not yet checked in so we got a chance to peek into ALL of the bedrooms they have available. Ours was one of the smaller but they all were equally amazing. They certainly put a lot of work into each and every room in the house. The dining areas were lovely, the hallway and stairs so gorgeous. Check in was simple and after we brought in our bags and such we HAD TO take pictures. The B&B has a continental breakfast the morning we are there, a spa we did not use and complimentary drinks including tea and coffee 24/7. The wi-fi was a little wonky (they were having issues and trying to get it repaired) but otherwise our stay was AMAZING.IMG_4206 IMG_4207

101_9538 101_9539

After properly photographing our temporary abode it was time to head into Madison for some shopping and dinner. There are some absolutely LOVELY craft stores to peruse in the capital city of Wisconsin. We started with art supplies and cross stitch bits. Our GPS sent us on a few adventures this trip. They led us right over to the WRONG mall which had us have the happy accident of finding not only Sephora but a food place called Potbelly that was absolutely amazing. Karyn had had it before in another state and was unaware that it was a chain. We had flatbread. So yum!101_9530 101_9537 101_9534 101_9541

I have to admit it was fun to be out and about without kids AND dressed up all fancy. I finally got to wear my birthday indulgences… my brand new rose patterned skirt and red crinoline. Not only comfortable but the compliments!! I lucked out and before Karyn got here found a fitted t shirt to match for now. I look forward to budgeting in a blouse from the Tatyana store one day!


Apparently Madison Wisconsin is the place to go if you want to find an amazing selection of yarn. It was in a rather dead mall but well worth the bungled up GPS instructions. I could easily have indulged hundreds of dollars worth of amazing yarn. Restraint was hard to find!!! Thank goodness for a budget and the realization that we still had another day of fun in Wisconsin to come.IMG_4209

After shopping and dinner at Potbelly and MORE shopping it was time to find a 7-11 to try a slurpee. Not quite the same as back home but a definite improvement on the Icee! Almost a taste of home and an awesome reason for such a fun odyssey.

IMG_4210After all that fun it was back to the B&B for a well earned rest! photo 3a


Happy VERY Early Birthday Baby

July 11

I have some of the best friends and family… seriously! And again, they surprise us! This time with Holly (my sister in law of course) up and planning a mini birthday party for our Echo (August 13). Since we are not going to be local for her actual day she decided this was one birthday that she, James and Jimmie we NOT going to miss out on! 

Just for Echo!

The boys’ comfy bed

The showing off of the fish

Add to the fun Jimmie’s Gammie (Holly’s mom) up from Texas and some presents for all of us and it was AMAZING. But first there was hellos. catching up, hugs, cuddles and play time.

Gammie braiding hair

Then a walk to 7-11 for their special free 7.11 oz slurpee day – JULY 11, 7 11… Of course I had to get a bigger one but still… slurpees for ALL!

Free slurpees?

Of course we want those!

Gotta hold hands on the walk back



And THEN it was time for the party fun. CUPCAKES… made by aunty, with purple icing and a candle and singing and everything. Of course we stripped the birthday girl down to her skivvies and she had to have her own cupcake. It was so much fun!!! Thank you Holly SO MUCH! It meant the world to have a birthday party for our baby with you as well!

Happy EARLY birthday Echo!

We received some lovely gifts from our family, and I even got some wonderful hugs from my not so baby brother. 

I got a hug too!

It was hard to say good bye to them once again. We HAD TO get a group shot of course.



And just like that our family was reunited! What a crowd we are!!! It is just too bad that it was ROASTING out and we couldn’t really go and play in the park with Jimmie. BUT we could stop at Victoria’s on the way home to have dinner with her, Karyn and Lauralee! With the kitties too!

Hello Kitty

We love you


And after supper… well the splash park of course! Where else does the Reinsch-Johnson family go to beat the heat??? And with friends it is ALWAYS better…





The girls

Though there was a shoe break…


Drying off

And then another good bye before the drive back to Sharon’s and the knowledge that there was still almost half a week to go before the weekend and MORE activity… SERIOUSLY!!

And Magnus the kitty as well!