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Bittersweet… a Book Review

Ok so right off the bat… random Amazon freebie… story line interesting, characters endearing, romance (naturally)… slight smut warning. Ok – maybe not slight. More like, it catches you towards the end of the story. They are loving and sweet but… DESCRIPTIVE. I do believe you can skim and skip. BUT if this makes you uncomfortable or turns you off a story. I am warning you now. Sexual activities will ensue!

And with that… onto the rest of the review!

Bittersweet is a contemporary romance novel by Noelle Adams. There are a few underlying themes… grief, healing, finding a new love. Main character Zoe starts the story many years before her current situation where she is friends with Adam, a somewhat awkward but highly intelligent man. She is then introduced (by him) to his cousin Josh and falls in love. Fast forward years to the present where she has married and been widowed after Josh falls ill. Leaving her with a young son (Logan) and a rather distanced relationship with Adam.

Much of this story is dealing with Zoe’s grief process and her letting go of things… Josh’s possessions that do not harbor close emotional ties, their home that really is not suitable for her new situation. Learning to move on and to still be strong enough to be a mother and deal with Josh’s legacy.

Bittersweet is a gentle romantic and emotional ride. I wouldn’t say the feelings that progress are a surprise, rather a comfortable story with some ups and downs but a lot of love, some laughter and a few tears.

I personally enjoyed this book (well I did skip and skim the hot and heavy bits). BUT if sexual content makes you uncomfortable this may not be the book for you. On the other side it did feel like an honest telling of the story of a woman who has to figure out how to move on after being devastated by her spouse’s death (granted she DOES have a bit more… money and such than most). The characters are sweet and broken, the romance a nice pace and the ending quite satisfying. Definitely worth it if you enjoy these sorts of books. 18748741

Images Seem to Speak for Themselves at Times…


First off, I want to share the exciting news with everyone that my sister’s husband is home from his deployment!!! Welcome back Adam!!! We hope to give you hugs and drive you wild in person some day but until then have that lovely wife of yours hold you tight for us!!!!! He is home SAFE AND SOUND!!!! Now on with the cute!





101_3390As do the faces of sweet little ones. My “loaner baby” Lily Bean.101_3395





101_3482And sometimes I get out from behind the camera… briefly101_3484

He stood there for minutes while Ken sprayed him with that look on his face… it was hilarious.101_3486Gavin (above) and Zander have two of the most amazing pairs of blue (blue grey?) eyes!101_3488


A Family Forever… A Book Review

An unusual method of bringing two single parents together in rural Britain… hedgehogs, rescued hedgehogs. Victoria is a single mom and has single handedly been saving hedgehogs and releasing them in a nearby manor’s garden with the help of her ballerina loving little girl Sophie. With a difficult neighbour is has been a bit of a trial but this photographer has made hedgehogs and their dwindling habitat her life focus. 

Enter the new owner of the manor Adam and his son Harry. Adam is a jet setting contractor who buys up properties and builds and repairs them to become financial successes. He takes his son with him with the help of a tutor. 

What I love about A Forever Family by Helen Scott Taylor is that the characters are endearing, the romance slow and beautiful, the kids silly and fun and the issues resolvable. An all round feel good story about two single parents in need of support and love within the confines of a family. There is quite a focus on her rescuing and caring for the hedgehogs, which I loved, and a firm commitment of both parents to there children. There is also a side story that ties in about the difficult farmer and his family. 

If you are on the look out for a sweet romance with characters that you really do love and wish to see happy A Forever Family is a great choice. I am definitely going to look for more books by Helen Scott Taylor. She has a lovely way with location, words and feelings! 

A Forever Family

A Forever Family