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Penguin Resources

So from platypuses to penguins… we are truly into the “P” critters!! So of course it is time for a resource blog!

Free lapbooks!


Helpful Websites



  • Paper Loop Penguins at Crafty-Crafted.com
  • Enjoy a colour wheel with Art Projects for Kids. This is not so much a craft but a simple printable set up with all the colours, complementary, cold and warm… great illustration of it.
  • Penguin finger puppets at Fantastic Find

Of course there is always a video to supplement. If you want the cliff notes version of Captain Cook (the explorer our first penguin is named after)? Check out Crash Course World History on youTube.

We did have a video to watch:

No video to embed, but if you go to Amazon… Dirty Jobs included looking after Penguins at a zoo in an episode HERE. As there is a misunderstanding as to WHAT Captain Cook is early in the book, there is a small section on the dodo… I decided to do a little searching for some resources…

We had two videos we watched, TED only is relevant to the process of a Mythbusters host creating his own skeleton but some amazing shots of it and his reference.

And a museum short from Manchester

Some of the penguins were named after obvious famous people. We watched videos about some of the more interesting (to our boys) characters… First Columbus.

Ferdinand Magellan

And two about Robert Falcon Scott

Chapter 13 deals with music AND training animals. So there is the music link for The Merry Widow Waltz HERE. And then Schubert’s Military March on youTube.

For trained animals we chose to take a peek at the trained cormorants in China. There is a list on the lapbook file of other options but this one seemed to scream our kids’ interest.

Mr. Popper starts his travels with the penguins in Seattle. So of course we had to check out a tourist video..


End a Week With Snow

April 12

Sometimes you have to reorder your day for something as important as snow in April… the boys caught me before I even made my way out of my bed and asked if they could do outside fun first, school second… Since it is FRIDAY and I had a half day planned anyway (well half day for us… still at least 3 hours of concentrated schoolwork) I told them to go for it. Of course that meant an afternoon of MINECRAFT!

Since it was a no new dinosaur day we did a multiple dinosaur colouring page which has lead us to the next dinosaur (Monday) the Scelidosaurus. I have yet to research this particular dinosaur, but with Emanuel’s track record it will be a toughy!

Pointing to dinosaur of choice

Zander reminded me of Dirty Jobs (a favourite show for our family)… and in doing an episode search found the one about Penguins  that I remembered watching ages ago. You can either purchase it off Amazon or watch it for free if you have Prime HERE.

We had TWO videos in regards to the Dodo who was mentioned in the day’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins chapter…

And a museum short from Manchester

The dodo is so interesting regarding what we DON’T know about it… basically everything, even though it was found and destroyed during a time of “enlightenment”.

The dodo

We gave our practice chipsticks a trial run! I am so proud of Emanuel and how determined he is to learn to use these. He has even inspired Trinity!

Two intrepid learners

Oh and don’t forget time with their grandparents!!! Not a bad ending to the week!

Hanging with Nana