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The Lost Daughter… a Book Review

The Lost Daughter by Mary Williams is a touching autobiography of a woman who survived an exceptionally difficult childhood moving into her teen years a lost and later abused woman… that is until she is accepted into the loving and supportive family of Jane Fonda. Mary is proof that a childhood of hardship and pain does not have to lead to a lifetime of loss. 

Born the 5th daughter to two members of the Black Panther association Mary was a forgotten child in a home of poverty. A world traveler Mary took her move to the Fonda’s home in stride and accepted, for the most part, their support and love. There are ups and downs and sadness and joy. There are two sides to each coin and with leaving her family to join a new one there were losses and benefits. 

What I loved about this book is as you read it it is like Mary is sitting right there telling you the story. In a twist of fate Mary is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, leave the oppressive poverty stricken family with a matriarch who has simply given up and an absentee father and join the actress and her family that she met by chance at a series of summers at camp. What is amazing is this book goes full circle, not only does Mary escape the clutches of a cycle of abuse, poverty and crime but she DOES return to mend a few bridges, as delicate as that mending is. 

Mary Williams has more adventures than many people would in multiple lifetimes, she spends time in different areas across the globe with her eyes wide open. We are given brief glances into Jane Fonda’s life during this time, through two marriages and her relationships with her children. The road is far from smooth  but our adventures with this strong and amazing woman are page turners. I found myself unable to put the book down. 

She does not simply degrade her past and see only the negatives, we experience the joy with the tribulation, the questioning with the answers. We walk along this woman’s life and truly get a feel of who she is and what she was and who she could become! This is the perfect book for quiet contemplation, a bit of a giggle at times, connecting with an adventurous soul.

This book touches on the Panther movement, the fall out (in a small part) of being a part of the anti-Vietnam rallies, rape (not graphic), drugs, alcohol abuse but also being a part of a family, travelling the world, helping others, enjoying the outdoors and simply finding your way in a world full of options and choices. The Lost Daughter is full of emotion and written to draw you in. When it comes out in April I would absolutely suggest getting a copy, freeing up all the reading time you can and immerse yourself in Mary William’s life. 

The Lost Daughter

One Little White Lie… a Book Review

I love it when I get the random chance to read an advance copy from an author I have not experienced before. This Australian author’s Novella was a terrific find! What do you do when your long term relationship ends and your bestfriend simply WILL NOT stop setting you up with anyone and everyone? Well… you create the perfect man and name him as your new boyfriend… What do you do when he turns out real and at an event you are invited to and announced to be this boyfriend by your bestfriend?

One Little White Lie by Loretta Hill is a humourous look at what it can be like to be the last single lady standing. With an engaged friend and a soured relationship Kate is between a rock and a hard place. Enter Henry who not only fits her description and is single but has secrets of his own. Kate’s little white lie comes true and the question becomes does she want it to truly be a lie? This romantic comedy is a giggle and a half, with people you want to love and a story you just can’t put down! Definitely a great pick me up or a cuddly read on a snowy day! 

One Little White Lie

Haunted Places

From romance and mystery with a dash of magic to an all out paranormal investigator who hunts for dead people… Such is my Halloween themed reading! I have read stories like this before, way back when I worked at a small independent bookstore. I would sometimes take my break with a book about haunted locations in Alberta or some such thing. This book reminds me a bit of those. 

A little more personal than most as this is written from the author’s point of view as a paranormal researcher and the people around him and related to him’s experiences. Dr. Hans Holzer has done his research. Each of his tales includes lovely background information and history. In researching the man himself I found it interesting that his name is one of those attached to the surplus of information about the Amityville horrors. In fact, his book was was the basis for a 1982 horror film. You can find the article HERE.

In Haunted Places he travels all over the globe checking out potential hauntings and telling their stories. There is a definite lack of step by step dealings with the ghosts… some locals seem a little silly and I found that from time to time the writing seemed jarring with sentence structure and the like, but since this is an advance copy I am hoping those issues will be ironed out. You can find an excellent review by another Netgalley user HERE.Probably not my favourite of all my ghost stories but definitely worth a read. 

Haunted Places