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Happy Halloween… a Bit Belated

So I MEANT to post this the day after Halloween but got knocked out by some sort of mutant plague the kids and their Baba felt they just HAD TO share with me… so please enjoy (a week+ late) our costume fun!!!!101_9977

Youngest to oldest…. Echo’s was an easy choice. The dress was one of the super pretties that Grandma had given us before we moved down from Canada. It finally fits, all beads and lace. For photos only I paired it up with my original veil for a bride picture or two.101_9912 101_9917 101_9915 101_9921

Then it was on with the crown for a very pleased princess.101_9919

And wings for a fairy.101_9924 101_9928 101_9930

Day of we paired it all up with her big sister’s church coat. Our very own snow princess!!!101_9970

101_9931Miss Trinity was one we had been thinking about since LAST Halloween… the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. With her lovely long blonde hair and the addition of some black shoes and a black hair ribbon the costume we bought online suited PERFECTLY! We had to adjust the apron as apparently a little girl needs a MASSIVE apron but that was a quick fix.101_9937 101_9938 101_9942

Emanuel was our big build of the year. One that Ken took on HIMSELF! I am so pleased with how healthy he has gotten… old Kenny would have NEVER done such a thing. Emanuel chose to be a Minecraft Squid and Ken completely copied the head piece pixel by pixel using cardboard and paint.101_9965

IMAG0223What a success!!! Time consuming but a huge success. And a huge number of people recognized it right away!!!101_9966

Mr. Gavin was a bit of a struggle. He changed what he wanted to be a couple of times but settled on a traditional ghost… with a pirate sword. So Ken (again!!) made a lovely scabbard out of duct tape and I sewed a toque to the sheet to keep it steady. Rather awesome.101_9962 101_9963 101_9964

Even Zander’s costume has a bit of a story. Originally he was supposed to be a ninja as a repeat runner but on our costume odyssey for the rest we came across a Dominoes shirt. Gavin hemmed and hawed but turned down the idea… it was not until we were walking in the door from shopping that Zander FINALLY spoke up and said that HE wanted to be the Dominoes delivery man. So the next day we had to make a running trip BACK to Goodwill hoping to find the shirt still there. Then a couple days before Halloween Ken called Dominoes and was able to get us a small pizza box to finish off the costume! Not bad not bad!!!101_9950 101_9956

We heard about free ice cream(frozen custard) at Culver’s if you show up in costume so we doubly spoiled the kids with the very rare DINNER out as well! They have some super yummy burgers there.IMAG0249 IMAG0251_BURST001

Our plans, as usual, had us meet up at the Novak’s for trick or treating. It was a brisk day and we had a third family with us. We were out about 2 hours (less than last year).IMAG0257

But our haul was huge!101_9982 101_9981

And we ended the evening with a nice long visit with the Novaks. Halloween well spent!!!IMAG0266 IMAG0271 IMAG0272

Sorry about the massive pictures but we had a great time!101_9976 101_9977


From Thanksgiving Right Into Advent

November 29-December 1

Well, here in the US Thanksgiving is on a Thursday… so confusing. Why not a Friday or a Monday? While it is not a government holiday the Friday after IS a holiday for many places. And of course it is BLACK FRIDAY… a huge shopping day when a lot of deals are there for the grabbing. Ken and I did minimal shopping with a quick trip out to our local and honestly not so busy (comparison wise) Target. Yesterday’s post of the lovely Christmas matching dresses (HERE) was one of our finds as was a couple gifts on the kids’ Christmas list that were must have and long requested and on sale!

We did our minimum of basic schooling  before the cousins arrived for a weekend visit. Of course we put the willing and somewhat willing hands to work making more little hats to go on the Christmas tree. Nana sure can motivate!

On Friday

On Friday

And again on Saturday

And again on Saturday

Echo snuck her time on the computer playing Minecraft… though I am not sure how far she made it, she did enjoy it!101_5388

On Saturday the girls enjoyed a cozy tea party.101_5390

Echo dressed up for the part in one of her favourite “blue dress” dresses.

Bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel

Bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel

The weather held out long enough for the kids to spend some time in the backyard. Coats are now a definite necessity!101_5395

We started December with the whole family heading to church. There was no Sunday School as it was Thanksgiving weekend. It was not a full service but we enjoyed it. Sitting in the back with crayons and paper and attempting to be patient is always a bit of a struggle but I think we didn’t do too badly.101_5398

101_5401101_5402They had a fair for Advent the day before and there were special treat bags for the kids left over so they gave them out at the end of the service. We had 5 very excited kids when that happened!photo (83)

101_5406With it being the beginning of Advent we started our calendars counting down. We have THREE! Trinity’s is a Santa face where you fill in the beard with cotton balls.101_5407

The girls got their Christmas vibe on with some pretty picture making. I love stickers and buy up the 1.00 books whenever I come across them!

Super fuzzy sorry!

Super fuzzy sorry!

And that was that. We are done with Thanksgiving (resource and book work to follow) and onto Advent and the days to Christmas are ticking by!!! Where has the time and the year gone?????101_5405

May Showers, June Flowers and More

More with the pretty and lovely and cute of course…






And mostly of Echo lately little miss party dress... every morning she says PARTY and demands her fancy outfit

And mostly of Echo lately little miss party dress… every morning she says PARTY and demands her fancy outfit

Tea Party

Tea Party

This flower always makes me think of the Alice in Wonderland that Disney put out (cartoon)

This flower always makes me think of the Alice in Wonderland that Disney put out (cartoon)

The mural at the mall

The mural at the mall

Carousel overflow... enjoy. It really was pretty!

Carousel overflow… enjoy. It really was pretty!