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Waaaah February 2018!!!

On a roll, that is what I am!!! Of course not only is February a short month, but also pre blogged just a wee bit… let’s see…

  • Emanuel’s 12th birthday HERE
  • Zander and Gavin turning 14 HERE
  • Valentine’s Day HERE
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations HERE

So see, much of my work is already done. You can check those links and refresh your memory of our fun! I know I enjoy a nice look back once in a while.IMG_20180214_151346_502

Well let’s see, there was more time in the snow.20180223_140358_HDR




More chinchilla pictures.20180218_103342





Many hours spent at our YMCA (not a surprise?).

That is Ken sleeping there.

That is Ken sleeping there.



We even brought 2 of the Novak boys to enjoy the pool (Alex and Aidan) during an overnight visit.20180219_182131



Scrabble became quite the game.

Scrabble became quite the game.

This was before they pulled out the words verging on rude lol

This was before they pulled out the words verging on rude lol

We had dinner with Maevowyn… I mean Aunty Shandai and Uncle Ravyn and Maevowyn. Belated Christmas fun there. Seriously Echo is in love with her baby cousin. As it should be!20180204_183715

Pay attention to ME Cousin Gavin!!!

Pay attention to ME Cousin Gavin!!!


Visited the aquarium at Mall of America.20180228_170750











Kept on acolyting.IMG_20180228_090153_795

We learned much.20180207_153456




Kiwi Crate! Thanks Gammie

Kiwi Crate! Thanks Gammie


Crafted some.20180217_105639

And played more.IMG_20180220_210432_688


Of course there was more to the month than all of this, but what a fun look back at some highlights.20180210_114946





Nana and Baba Visit Day 1

And the excitement overfloweth, Nana and Baba have arrived safe and sound and are being totally monopolized by what has been termed in the past: our hoard of children. When I woke up this morning (I went to bed BEFORE they got here…) Echo was being quietly snuggled for an early morning nap with Baba. Very sweet.


Trinity and Nana started the day off in big girl undies (Hello Kitty style of course), which were abandoned later in the morning due to a very silly little girl who simply could not focus on going potty… 4 pairs later that is! BUT we have hope. she LOVES them and was very proud to show them off… so maybe tomorrow will go more smoothly? BUT in the meantime they spent some time exclaiming over the finer points of Angry Birds. Is it not sad that all 4 of my bigger kids can out preform me in that game?? I think so! 

With Nana

First they took three of the kids to the grocery store – the 3 that wanted to go (Gavin opted to stay and play Minecraft and Echo needed a nap). They came back with bags of yummy foods… Smarties… and BAND-AIDS! Each of the three that went got to pick a type… we have Disney Princess, Cars and Transformers! Good thing we did as when Gavin was helping Daddy with the garbage he cut his foot. This meant he didn’t have to use the usual Hello Kitty ones! 

Minecraft AND a new hat

After a light lunch and some more Angry Bird time on Nana’s iPad they took the 4 bigger kids out on a walk to check out one of the not too distant parks.

In front of the house

Off they go

That left me with enough time to finish the alterations on one of Trinity’s old party dresses. I took that lovely purple and pink patterned ribbon I bought a week or so ago and hand stitched it on to make a sash so that we can at least attempt to tighten it for Echo to wear. If I waited until it would fit her even halfway decently she would be WAY too tall for it anyway. 

Close up of the front


With a big dinner and more time with Nana and Baba it has been a great day for the family… though bedtime was a bit of a struggle with none of the 4 bigger kids wanting to go to bed. That left Echo up as the centre of attention and as happy as a clam. We are hoping to get out tomorrow with the whole family, but Ken and I have some birthday party shopping to do. Tonight I have to back cupcakes and cakes to be cooled for icing tomorrow… much more affordable than buying a cake! I am very excited about this party… our last 1st birthday! And most of my mom’s side of the family will be here for it! In fact, tomorrow our Echo will actually be ONE YEARS OLD!!! YIKES! 

Hello Kitty jammies!

With the Nana and the Baba

Snuggle time