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Discovering Mexico…

So with our in depth examination of China the kids requested another country… Being all democratic (first mistake) I let them choose… even after extorting the amazing qualities of some European countries (ok so Mommy has some interests not yet tapped) I was out voted and we chose a month+ long focus of MEXICO!!!

This is another first for us. I the topics I thought would be interesting and made up pages for the twins (and the littles to a more limited extent) to chose from. Topics like Sports, Inventions, Capital City, the list goes on and on… so we shall see how giving some more independence and choices works with the kids… FINGERS CROSSED!

However I am still verifying all websites before they settle on them so I had some major work ahead of me. And of course I have some to share as well!! I will post them according to topic, the only order is the one chosen by the boys to cover!


  • What hemispere is Mexico in? Ask.com has the answer HERE


  • donQuijote.org has a short article HERE.
  • we checked out further information on Lucha Libre thanks to Wiki HERE.
  • VisitMexico.com has an interesting piece on Charreria HERE.

CAPITAL CITY – Mexico City

  • Angel of Independence thanks to Mexico City – Guide HERE.
  • CNN has 10 interesting facts about the city HERE.
  • Discovering Ice… a travel blog has tons to share including personal experiences HERE.
  • MexicoCity.com has a page HERE

DINOSAURS… yup we went there… Emanuel and Trinity and I!

  • Our dinosaur list was found on EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Gorgosaurus: a wonderful picture on deviantArt thanks to SommoDracorex HERE. Dino Hunt Canada with their “breathing” image HERE. EnchantedLearning facts HERE. Raresource HERE.
  • Labocania: not a common dinosaur AT ALL… so this is the best I could do! Dinosaurs.about.com HERE, CoolDinoFacts Wikia HERE, RareSource.com HERE. BUT an amazing picture to colour thanks to deviantArt and hyphenatedsuperhero HERE.
  • For Hypacrosaurus we used one site as our launching pad and clicked their links. VERY helpful. You can find our link HERE thanks to Dinosaur of the Week.
  • Pterosaur: not so much a specific animal but a grouping of apparently NOT dinosaurs, so fun for the kids being as these were FLYING critters. EnchantedLearning HERE. SomeInterestingFacts.net HERE. And our colouring page on SuperColoring.com HERE.
  • Lambeosaurus: A duck-billed dinosaur we had a few good resources we used – KidsDinos.com HERE, EnchantedLearning HERE, and our colouring page was from IAmFritz.com HERE.
  • Apatosaurus: Our last dinosaur chosen to research… Science Kids HERE, Kids Dig Dinos HERE, EnchantedLearning HERE and our colouring page from Ducksters HERE.


  • The National animal/bird is the GOLDEN EAGLE… and the plant the PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS. We found that out using Wiki HERE. Learn more about the Golden Eagle thanks to Sandiego Zoo HERE. And all about the Prickly Pear Cactus thanks to DesertUSA HERE.
  • Endangered animal list thanks to Mexidata HERE.
  • Of our list Zander chose TWO animals to research (online)… Axolotl was the first with three links: A-Z Animals HERE and National Geographic Kids HERE and Mother Nature Network HERE. It is crazy cool! The second was the Tigrillo or the Margay. We found various pages once we realized the secondary name so here is a quick list – Encyclopaedia Britannia HERE, SoftSchools.com HERE, PoC HERE, The Animal Files HERE.


  • Education.com worksheet for traditional clothing for both genders HERE.
  • Facts about traditional clothing thanks to FactsAboutMexico.com HERE.
  • Sombreros facts HERE thanks to ehow.


  • Discuss the seasons on an informational site HERE.
  • Learn about the rainy season on Mexperience HERE.
  • Does it snow in Mexico? Find the answer from people who live there thanks to Yahoo Answers HERE.
  • General climate information on Mexperience HERE.


  • Gavin did the research and write ups for this one. First Frida Kahlo, mainly from our book list but also from Wiki HERE.
  • And her husband Diego Rivera, again mainly from our library finds and Wiki HERE. Our colouring page of one of his murals can be found HERE thanks to Scribble Blog.


  • Learn Spanish at Duolingo.com (app available too) HERE.
  • Famous people born in Mexico list with links onward thanks to Biography.com HERE.


  • An article of interest on the examination of an area in Mexico that experienced a massive drought for about 650 years thanks to NBC HERE.


  • Livestock numbers (from 2008) thanks to Answers.com HERE. We used this as an example of the types of common animals raised for food and other reasons.
  • Learn about the Cacao plant and chocolate thanks to Wilderness Classroom HERE.
  • A list of common plants to Mexico (short) thanks to ehow HERE.
  • Plants of Mexico list (long) thanks to Backyard Nature HERE.
  • Agriculture in Mexico thanks to Wiki HERE.


  • We used this list on Wiki as a launching pad for researching 3 of them. Nothing fancy just a list of interest really HERE.
  • A second list thanks to the site Latina HERE.


  • SoftSchools.com has a wonderful page about the history of Mexico’s movement to independence HERE.
  • KidzWorld.com has some information HERE.
  • Globe In has 10 interesting facts about Independence Day HERE.


  • A to Z Kids Stuff HERE.
  • Duckster with some Mexico Geography HERE.
  • Octavio Paz (famous individual) thanks to Wiki HERE.
  • Chichen Itza thanks to SoftSchools HERE


  • Mexconnect covers the history of Catholicism in Mexico HERE.


Tlacololeros a traditional Mexican dance… watch it below:

Mexican Hat Dance… check it out below:


  • A great image of the currency and explanation of how it works thanks to Focus on Mexico HERE.

COUNTRY STUDY… a great all over overview from Activity Village we are now using for any country we cover as more than a micro unit HERE.

MEXICO printable booklet, for purchase on TeachersPayTeachers HERE. Great for grades 1-3.


  • Mexican Revolution HERE thanks to Oncoloring.
  • Know Your Neighbour HERE thanks to jumpstart.com.
  • Spanish word book and more HERE thanks to Homeschool Share.
  • Clothing colouring page HERE thanks to Coloring Book 4 Kids

BOOKS… boy did we have books!! I may have cleaned out 2 or three local library branches!! So enjoy the fruit of my requesting! I will try and point out the super useful or fun books with a bit of further information. After all, this is useful for me too when we chose to revisit a topic for the littles to learn more about!

  • Cactus Soup by Eric A. Kimmel. This is a take on the stone soup idea set in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1922). The kids picked up right away that it was a great lesson about sharing. Though the girls were VERY put out about the people lying about having things at first… not cool! Great book HERE.
  • Little Egret and Toro by Robert Vavra. This is not a MEXICAN story but we chose to read this book because it was set in Spain and about a fighting bull. The whole concept of bull fighting and the ending of the fight in the death of the bull is visited. It does have a happy ending though! HERE
  • Mexico by Gina DeAngelis (a common name for a lot of the books we borrowed but I will link each one if I can!): Many Cultures, One World. HERE
  • Christmas Around the World by Emily Kelley HERE.
  • P is for Pinata by Tony Johnston HERE
  • Ancient Mexico by Kelly Campbell Hinshaw HERE
  • A Look at Mexico by Helen Frost HERE
  • Mexico by Sarah Tieck HERE
  • Cultural Traditions in Mexico by Lynn Peppas HERE
  • Mexico by Christine Juarez HERE
  • Mexico by Deborah Kent HERE
  • Mexico by R. Conrad Stein HERE
  • The Boy Who Wouldn’t Obey: A Mayan Legend by Anne Rockwell HERE
  • Food and Festivals Mexico by Linda Illsley HERE
  • Mexico City by R. Conrad Stein HERE
  • Countries of the World Mexico by Beth Gruber HERE
  • Mexico in Pictures by Janice Hamilton HERE
  • The Cooking of Mexico by Matthew Locricchio HERE
  • Mexico! 40 Activities to Experience Mexico Past & Present by Susan Milord HERE
  • Traditional Crafts from Mexico and Central America by Florence Temko HERE

AZTECS AND MAYANS – we only did a cursory discussion on these two groups but had a lovely stack of books for reading and enjoyment and of course the fact finding.

  • Aztecs by David and Patricia Armentrout HERE
  • Ancient Aztecs by Tim Cooke HERE
  • Life Among the Aztecs by Eleanor J. Hall HERE
  • Lost Temple of the Aztecs by Shelley Tanaka HERE
  • The Aztecs by Tim Wood HERE
  • The Maya HERE
  • Houses & Homes by Tim Wood HERE
  • Ancient Mayan Civilization by Nancy Day HERE
  • Crafts From the Past – The Aztecs by Gillian Chapman HERE


  • Families of Mexico (Families of the World) HERE
  • More Families of Mexico (Families of the World) HERE
  • Travel With Kids Mexico HERE
  • Ancient Aztec The Fall of the Empire (Ancient Civilizations for Children) HERE

I really enjoyed this unit and the kids seemed to learn and enjoy a lot too… Please enjoy the images from some of our finished work!IMAG0622









Our craft... This was traditionally started when the child was born and each colour added for each year. Birth Charms.. though the kids and Ken made theirs up in one day.

Our craft… This was traditionally started when the child was born and each colour added for each year. Birth Charms.. though the kids and Ken made theirs up in one day.

Here is a quick peek at our finished notebook/binder… sorry about the quality and the babbling!

Father’s Day Resources

As has become customary with our bigger topics it is time for another resource page… We lucked out with a coupon at the time but you can purchase the lapbook we are using with Live and Learn Press HERE. “It Takes Someone Special to Be a Dad” Live and Learn Folder. Our secondary printable resource was from HomeschoolNotebooking.com, though it was a gift from a friend a year or 3 back. You can find their site HERE. Our file was called Father’s Day Notebooking Pages.

Now for our book list:

  • Father’s Day by Anne Rockwell HERE
  • Father’s Day by Ann Heinrichs HERE
  • The Best Father’s Day Present Ever by Christine Loomis HERE
  • A Wild Father’s Day by Sean Callahan HERE
  • A Father’s Day Thank You by Janet Nolan HERE
  • Froggy’s Day With Dad by Jonathon London HERE
  • Hooray for Father’s Day! by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat HERE
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Papa’s Day Surprise by Stan & Jan Berenstain HERE

Links of interest:

  • Our song is from the list on DLTK HERE
  • How is Father’s Day date decided (the link in the lapbook is a deadlink) with VPCalendar.net HERE
  • Hallmark and their statistics for Father’s Day cards sales is interesting HERE
  • You can find a variety of things on the Activity Village page HERE set up for Father’s Day. I have linked (below) the specific things we used this time round!


  • Father’s Day wordsearch with Activity Village HERE
  • Father’s Day mazes with Activity Village HERE
  • World’s Greatest Dad diploma with Activity Village HERE
  • Father’s Day Jokes with Activity Village HERE
  • Colouring by numbers with Activity Village HERE
  • Colouring page with Activity Village HERE
  • Learn to write a letter to Dad… HERE and HERE with Education.com
  • K level book about Daddy (though it may straddle first grade if you want them to write their own answers) with Education.com HERE


  • Dora’s Butterfly Ball, it included two bonus episodes with our themed one – Feliz Dia de los Padres HERE

A silly song to bop around to thanks to Songdrops.


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A New Month, a New Focus!

June 2-3

With a new month I try to start a new topic of focus with our schooling. We actually have TWO focuses this month – Father’s Day (until the 22nd) and then July 4th (Independence Day). Live and Learn had a sale on their themed lapbook so we picked it up for the main focus of our theme. Of course there are cards to make and send, crafts to do and books to read!

But first, the end of our weekend. With lovely weather and a Ken who was free for the day what better to do than go on a picnic! We went back to see the sculpture garden we had visited last summer off of Walker Museum. We visited our favourite statues and checked out some of the new installations.101_2288

This is a favourite of the kids and their main focus of pictures.

This is a favourite of the kids and their main focus of pictures.


A new installation

A new installation

With a nice, quiet corner to settle there was time for art…

Definitely NOT a starving artist but an artist all the same!

Definitely NOT a starving artist but an artist all the same!

And lunch… I love it when a day costs us a little gas and 3.50 for parking for the day… much better than eating at a restaurant!101_2316

Yummy treat thanks to Aunty Xinny

Yummy treat thanks to Aunty Xinny

Just the perfect day!

Just the perfect day!

Our first book… Father’s Day by Anne Rockwell (we had a book by the same author for Mother’s Day) has given us the idea for our ongoing Father’s Day gift… which I will share AFTER we give it to Daddy!101_2334

Emanuel had his second day at his dino dig… he is being amazing with his careful work on a rather intimidating lump of clay.101_2335

Found, partial bone

Found, partial bone

Miss Trinity took advantage of the respite from rain and did some rather impressive chalk art on the front walk.101_2338

Throw in our month of June poster…101_2339

Reading to their siblings…101_2340

And helping each other with workbooks and I think we did just fine starting our week!101_2342

I am not overly optimistic about sunshine for much of the week BUT we are finding ways to enjoy all aspects of the spring weather in Minnesota.

Oldest and the youngest

Oldest and the youngest

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