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The Firefighter’s New Family… Love Inspired

I tend to stay away from strongly Christian romances but for some reason at the library this one jumped off the shelf at me. I am so glad it is. Though I did not realize until I finished it that it was the SECOND one in a series (the first being Her Valentine Hero in the Sisters Series). This series is written by Gail Gaymer Martin. And if you are looking for a heartwarming light romance with lots of heart and faith The Firefighter’s New Family is it for you!

This second chance in love is a slow burn sort of romance where you are privy to the inner thoughts and lives of a widow (husband lost to war) and a divorcee (a firefighter). This story also deals with mental health and touches on abuse. Don’t be too concerned though, the abuse is a generation removed and historical and the mental health is dealt with with a lot of compassion. I just felt I should warn the reader that these topics ARE included.

The heart must heal before it loves again and we are there to see Ashley come back from not only an injury in a storm (which initiated the meeting) but from the loss of her husband who never had the chance to meet their young son Joey. On the other side of the romance we meet Devon, a single father with visitation rights to his young daughter Kaylee. It takes thought, conversation and prayer to bring these two amazing Christians together.

I really enjoyed the speed of this romantic contemporary Christian novel. A second chance at love with adorable kids to add into the mix. The Firefighter’s New Family is a great sunny afternoon read.51GKD3qamZL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

Tuesday and Wednesday… I Hang My Head in Shame at the Late Updates!

Time keeps ticking along… and with it our days and nights. Tuesday was an interesting combination of outside fun and inside schoolwork. Our morning was dedicated to learning… with our flag folders of course I had to get my hands on copies of the Pledge of Allegiance and the US National Anthem (first stanza). And with that their books are pretty well done. 

Celebratory cupcakes!

The piggy bank was finished as well… Daddy cut the slot and all of the kids had a go at adding stickers to the bottle. They are VERY proud of it. (Picture to follow eventually)

With Farmer Boy covered and some colouring and pictures created and lunch eaten the twins headed out to play in the pool… in the rain! Apparently that made it more fun? We had some thunder, no lightening and a warm rain so I figured why not. Besides, they had energy to burn and the others were all napping. (Though we did have a rogue Echo get into markers while we were busy and she coloured her hand and some of the carpet, thank goodness for vinegar water… came right out!)

Such a naughty baby

We did have a mild issue regarding the tv Tuesday and had to unplug all of the sets in the kids’ rooms (Emanuel’s and the twins’). The easiest way to deal with that was to disconnect. What a great reinforcement that our choice to cancel our cable tv was the best one. Netflix and Crunchyroll are much more affordable AND less tempting as they have to get onto the laptop to get to it anyway. 2 days tv free. Though I allowed for the Weather Network for our schooling purposes and a movie when I went out on a walk in the evening… this time it was Echo and Gavin who joined in with Grandma and Gypsy. Most of the kids are getting over a bug so it was good for Echo to get some fresh air before bedtime. We got to see a train… actually had to WAIT on one as it stopped on the tracks for a few minutes before making an almighty noise and then moving on. 

Waiting for the train

Oh and for those interested in Viking ships… a friend on Facebook linked me a site that was local to her! The Jorvik Viking Centre. Isn’t the internet grand!! 

We are still dealing with acting out and loud children but at the same time, I think we are doing well… There are moments that I wonder if my norm, my kids are what others would see as acceptable. Or are we louder than most? More outrageous?? 

Wednesday was another slightly stalled day… Ken worked hard and long as Thursday AND Friday are implementation days for a couple of his contracts. This meshes badly with the viewings we are trying to set up, the going out for things to do and the general family time as it is. So we made do at home today. Except for in the evening when mom helped me out by driving me, Echo, Trinity and Emanuel to bedtime story time. We are missing the next week but going to the High Tea the following Wednesday. 

The craft at the library

Zander designed Gavin his very own colour by numbers! He worked really hard and figured out colour codes, though he DID copy the words off the sheets we bought, HE sounded out each one and wrote them out… I only had to help with the word gray.

Zander's colour by numbers

Of course the backyard was sunny for most of the day so where did the kids go but OUT! As much as they wanted, until I figured they were starting to get too much sun!

Fun in the backyard

Best way to end the day – HAIRCUTS for the twins! We are now all basically presentable… woohoo! Mom had to borrow her friend Ashley’s shaver set as we didn’t have our attachments on hand. Nice and short on both of them! 

Cutting of the hair!

I have to apologize for my inconsistent updates as of late… my mind has been scattered and stressed lately. I have to say I REALLY appreciate how Ken is not only working full time but dealing with my insecurities (can you really blame me after last month’s ugh fest?), being a father and working with me to hunt the mighty rental. 

Watering Grandma's flowers

Weekend into Week Start

Gotta wrap up that weekend and start the week anew. We HAD planned to head to the information centre and see the Viking ship Sunday but when we got there found it was closed for a long lunch. With it chilly and windy we did a short walk across the main bridge to see the swan in the lake, took some pictures… ran a bit and then hopped back into the car. We DO plan to see that ship, close up and personal this week though. Echo especially enjoyed the view from the bridge. Though we were sure to keep a tight hold of her hand as she is too tiny to be safe at the railing. 

Walking with Daddy



Mom’s friend Ashley sent over some cake pops for us to try. The kids were VERY impressed. Even Echo had one (one of the ones that was NOT on a stick).


Sharon and I conspired to send our husbands out on a playdate… through texting and gentle prodding we got them out in the evening for drinks at the local brewhouse and a movie. I guess the drinks were great, the company awesome… the movie… so so (Prometheus). So what did the kids get? A movie in the basement with popcorn and Pepsi! UP! I still haven’t seen it but the kids enjoyed it and then were sent off to their beds. The twins are now separated – one in the room, one in a nice nest in the livingroom, they just have been fighting too much at night and keeping people up. Seems to be working so far.

Movie time!

Now Monday was back to the norm… well the current norm. I had talked to my brother and my sister in law last night about helping us see a place not 4 blocks from them, but we had to spend today catching the agent in charge of the rental to confirm the availability of said rental (yes as of today it still is), the viewings (she is rather sure Thursday and Friday evening but will get back to us tomorrow) and the speed of decision making on their end (yup good and ready to make a decision). That does not have us with all our eggs in one basket by any means… we are still hunting, contacting and making sure we don’t depend on any one property. We WILL get this sorted out. Especially with all the prayers, well wishes and support you all have given us. 

Hat or Tupperware? Eye of beholder

That left our day open for schoolwork, after all the day STARTED out rather nasty… Trinity woke up more sick than she went to bed and ended up sleeping over half the day away (and thankfully woke up much better in the late afternoon). Emanuel was hard at work today on a couple pictures… the twins did math… actually, Sharon came by for a visit and SHE helped Gavin with his! It was nice to have unexpected company. And by the time she left it was sunny again…

He also did numbers

My boys at work

So time for the pool… the water is VERY murky at this point but great fun was had. Add to that BOTH grandparents home on time and Echo with big brother supervision out in the backyard and I think everyone had some fun. The dog even got a reprieve from her cone. Her shoulder is finally healing nicely. 

Pool time

Echo in a box

The twins salvaged a Pepsi bottle and plan on making it into a coin bank. So far they cleaned it out with soapy water and left it to dry in the sun. And then we made up step by step instructions to go into their books on how to make it. Tomorrow they have to take the label off, cut a coin slot in it and of course DECORATE IT! Zander’s idea!

I am so proud of my boys… coming up with their OWN idea… and so of course we will finish it tomorrow! Gotta strike while the iron is hot. 

Now the rest of the week we are trying to get viewings lined up, figure out what I need for my pet sitting adventure with the girls and keep our homeschool plans on the go. I am feeling some of my confidence return. Emanuel and I wrote the word bugs together – we sounded it out together aloud and HE wrote each letter without a reference! I am so proud of him! The twins are getting a little more willing to do what we need to do and I hope to see further change as the days go by. I know I am on the right path I just need to find the right tools.

So pretty!