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Found in the late Cretaceous period, the Shantungosaurus was the biggest of the duck billed dinosaurs. The herbivore was found in the woodlands of Asia/China. The paleontologists actually created a whole skeleton from five individuals. It traveled in herds and had no teeth in the front of its mouth. We had a video from the I’m a Dinosaur series to share.

There are a few links to share so lets get at it! First off, Kidsdinos.com has their charts and map HERE. Animal Planet has a rather interesting image of the dinosaur that could have potentially walked on either 2 or 4 feet HERE. DinosaurKing has some general statistics HERE. The Dinosaur Directory has a rather interesting pen and ink style drawing HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has an article HERE about our Chinese dinosaur. Wiki has an article HERE about our dino. Our colouring page is from deviantArt… the artist Kentrosaur created this marvelous piece HERE.

Duck billed dinosaur


Now here is a place where Jurassic Park MAY have gotten it wrong, I don’t know if you remember this movie (I certainly do), but early on there are these dinosaurs, not overly huge, that only only had this weird crest  that opened up around their head but they ALSO spit poison. I think that is when the overweight employee who was stealing DNA samples is killed or something like that. Blinded at least. Well, according to our research there is NO proof that either this crest OR the poison spitting truly occurred. Of course, it was still a rather unique looking dinosaur with its crest on the top of its head and ability to run. We actually had two videos this time (no, I did NOT show Emanuel the JP clip, no need to muddy the waters with an artist’s rendition of the dinosaur with “extras”). First, I’m a Dinosaur.

Our second video is a Discovery one, so you have go to the site it is posted on and view it HERE.

Now for our links. This dinosaur was around in the early Jurassic period on the riverbanks of Asia and North America, you can find a great kid drawn illustration and even a question to test your knowledge HERE. Curious about how this dinosaur sizes up against a human? Check HERE for a great illustration of that. EnchantedLearning has a fact sheet HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their usual helpful page HERE. Quite the colourful picture of our dinosaur HERE on Dinosaurs.about.com. Wiki has their information HERE.

We didn’t get into this site but enjoyed the image of the skeleton HERE. I am sure that it would be helpful for anyone who REALLY wanted to know more about this dinosaur. But first, before you truly head off and learn more… our colouring page was right HERE. This one was special, it has questions attached to answer. Which was a fun exercise for Emanuel and I to share what we remembered.

A series of worksheets on this one

Gallimimus… the Chicken Mimic!

Our newest dinosaur is a slightly famous one… it was shown on Jurassic Park (though I am warning you – scientists are NOT at all sure they ran in herds…). This late Cretaceous dinosaur was found in the plains of Asia. With it’s long stiff tail, tiny front limbs and beak like mouth it is not a huge surprise that this dinosaur has been compared to a bird. We have two videos about this little meat, plant AND insect eater! First… I’m a Dinosaur.

And the other, the clip from Jurassic Park (the movie) that included this dinosaur running in a herd formation (again not something scientists can prove).

This is the largest “ostrich dinosaur” found to date with its very birdlike looks. It was a runner and definitely built for speed. You can find a great little blurb about that on Rareresource.com HERE. There is a map and a nice article on Age of Dinosaurs HERE. Of course the Jurassic Park page has their information and a still from the movie HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their usual page of information and graphs HERE. DinoDictionary.com has a great size comparison to a human HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has a great image from the London Natural History Museum (though small) HERE. Melborne Museum has a great artist’s rendition of the dinosaur HERE. HERE is the EnchantedLearning article and the picture Emanuel coloured is HERE (same site). And as always, the Wiki article is HERE.

The birdlike dinosaur