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OK NOW I am finally FINALLY posting some of the last Dino pages from waaaaaaaay back when. Oh dear!!! Seriously though, humble pie and showing my kids that if I started it I FINISH IT!!!!

Here I am FINALLY going back to posting these dinosaur pages… Poor Emanuel exhausted my supply of the easy to research ones ages ago and these posts fell to the wayside. BUT I am committed to post it all. So hopefully someone else can have an easier time finding these gems! Enjoy!

Apparently there IS a dinosaur that is commonly known as the bridge between dinosaurs and birds… well for the most part… and that dinosaur is the Archaeopteryx. This feathered dinosaur from the Jurassic period was found in Germany and while it looks rather birdlike still has dinosaur “bits” like teeth and basic bone structure. They probably flew… badly, may have lived in the trees, were not that large (pigeon) and ate bugs and small critters… Quite the interesting bridge!

Now onto the videos… first we had a video off of SCI you will have to go to the site to see HERE. The second video, the one Emanuel says is THE BEST of  the day was an origami one!

And now for the list of links!

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Live Science HERE
  • BBC Nature HERE
  • KidsDinos.com HERE
  • Yahoo! Voices has an article HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • And our colouring page at HelloKids.com HERE


In light of a VERY persistent cold in the house, Ken undergoing some last minute interviews and the horrible tragedy in Connecticut today is a just a filler. We wish to extend our prayers, love and sympathy to the families involved in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Tragedies are never easy to face and when young innocent lives are ended we doubly question why. December 14, 2012

Talk about a lengthy name for a massive African dinosaur! This carnivore is believed to be bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex and from a completely different family. Being potentially the largest carnivore ever this dinosaur had to require a rather massive hunting area and from the markings on skulls found it is believed it fought its own kind for hunting grounds. 

This Cretaceous period dinosaur was quite the fearsome hunter. We found THREE videos to share about it. Though I have to warn you, the I’m a Dinosaur one has some random thing about a loose tooth that really comes to nothing… be sure to check them out!

BBC has one that Emanuel really enjoyed…

Our third video is from a youTube account by DinosaurRyan. He even has some fossil examples and seems to enjoy his dinosaurs greatly!

Now for the promised links and printables… two in fact! I will start with those! Education.com has a Carcharodontosaurus themed dot to dot HERE. Our colouring page came from deviantArt HERE. Paleodirect had information and apparently a place to PURCHASE teeth (!!) HERE. BBC Nature has a page HERE about the carnivore. DinosaurWikia has a great article HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has their page HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their usual charts and maps and all HERE. DSC.discovery has an article about the dinosaur HERE. And the EnchantedLearning site has their page HERE. Oh and we cannot forget Wiki with its information filled article HERE.

Carchardontosaurus… quite the mouthful!