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Way to Run Boys!

One of the big summer goals that WE did do in a timely manner was getting the twins ready and registered to run 2 almost back to back 5K races. One at the Catholic Church down the street from us (with Ken) and the other at our local YMCA.IMG_20180811_092448_961


The twins spent the summer in once a week run club at the YMCA with their favourite coach Ben learning techniques for distance running. He was so awesome, walking them through how to properly warm up and pushing them to push their limits.

The first 5K was run with friends and Dad! The Schwartz family are members at St. Joe’s and were the ones who alerted us to this 5K opportunity. Their whole family signed up to run. Ken, Zander and Gavin joined them. 20180811_080048





Trinity, Echo and Emanuel made signs and we got up WAAAAAAY early in the morning (for us) and walked down the street to cheer everyone on. I was surprised we were pretty much a solo act but we did our best. (after saying good bye to Aunty Karyn who had to leave to drive back up to Canada)

We love you~

We love you~





Zander was the first to finish out of our crew. Ken and Renee ran together and Gavin and Nathan ran together with Chris, Evan and Jeffrey went at a much more leisurely pace. 20180811_082507




After cheering them until the end it was back to our house for naps, food and resting up.IMG_20180811_092151_328

The following Saturday we were all up super early once again to head over to a VERY familiar place – our local YMCA. This time for the Officer Shawn Silvera Rotary Run. This yearly event begins and ends right around the YMCA. Last year the twins did the splash and dash through the YMCA, but this year they had aged out of it. 

Wearing the shirts from the week before's run

Wearing the shirts from the week before’s run

I was very proud of my boys. Zander came in first with Gavin not too far behind. We brought new signs and cheered them on. 20180818_080850



There was other fun things to do in the parking lot. The other 3 built stuff at the Home Depot tent.20180818_074348


And we had some snacks and time in the bouncy house. It was a great way to round off a summer of hard work and determination.20180818_075505




Brownies and Broomsticks… a book review

What is better than a good mystery with some magic thrown in? Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates is the first in her new A Magical Bakery Mystery series. Katie has picked up stakes and moved to Savannah, Georgia from Ohio to start a new life with her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ben at their new bakery.

Honeybee Bakery is a whole new beginning for Katie complete with an unusual book group, unique characters… and a murder right outside the door! As Katie tries to help clear her uncle she is brought into a world of magic and spells. With an innate talent all her own to discover and a coven to help her Katie has more on her plate than the yummy delicacies coming out of the oven.

This was a great first in a series. The characters are interesting and fun, the main character is no push over and the setting enjoyable. Multiple men feature in this novel but there is very little angsty anything. 

If you are interesting in supernatural and mystery with cozy mixed in this could be the series for you! I would love further clarification on why Katie only needs an hour of sleep… it does not seem to figure into the mystery…but perhaps that will be cleared up in the next mystery??Brownies-and-Broomsticks