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Yup still got these old Dino posts… enjoy the flashback to resources once used!

3 guesses where this dinosaur was found… and the first two don’t count! Yup, found in the 90’s in Utah, USA, this bipedal carnivore is thought to be one of the largest raptors. One of the dromaeosaurs, this lightweight dinosaur was potentially a warm blooded dinosaur and more like a mammal than most. I had a special sheet for us to fill in information about this carnivore from Activity Village HERE. With razor sharp teeth and massive claws this predator was quite the fearsome creature found in the Cretaceous period.

Now for our video! Walking with Dinosaurs thanks to WWDinosaursLive.

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I kind of like the name of this tiny plant eater. It kind of reminds me of Ophelia or something relatively light and fluid. Rather appropriate as this was a VERY fast, very light dinosaur. Though named after a famous paleontologist and not a romantic figure. This late Jurassic dinosaur was found in North American and had a beak like mouth with teeth in the cheek area. It was built for speed with a long stiff tail and the size of a large dog. Emanuel thought it was rather cute! 

Now for our links on this tiny bipedal dinosaur! Dinosaurs.about.com has some points of interest and a picture of a skeleton (there has been only 2 skeletons and pieces found… and no full skulls, but enough to create images and draw proper conclusions) HERE. Animal Planet has an article with a great artist’s rendition HERE. Jurassic Park Wikia has some great information HERE. Age of Dinosaurs has a map and information HERE. We always find Kidsdinos.com helpful, you can find their article HERE. EnchantedLearning had their fact sheet HERE. And of course there is Wiki HERE. Our colouring page is a little silly and more of a comic image but the best I could find HERE.

A silly picture