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Sorry there is no image for this one… Just links etc. But one more long due post is up and running! Enjoy the random dinosaur facts in July! 

Emanuel does enjoy the unusual dinosaurs. I went onto Fantastic Dinosaurs HD, the iPad app and picked out one of the weirder Triassic critters. The Prestosuchus is neither a dinosaur or a crocodile but something called an archosaur. Found in Brazil, it had very powerful legs and was thought to be a fast runner. A carnivore, it was quite the scary looking creature.

Our video for the day was Dino Moments Prestosuchus WMV. I will warn you there is a screen shown from 45-56 seconds of the individual (Stephen Pearl’s) website link and such that I did NOT peruse. What interested us was the images from the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit.

And now for our link list…

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Dinosaurs.wikia HERE
  • The Forgotten Archosaurs HERE
  • ReptileEvolution.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page came from deviantArt, but a new artist for us… SommoDracorex. You can find the image we used HERE and the artist’s page HERE.

Ho Ho Ho

Sorry about the gap in blogging… a misplaced birth certificate on the weekend had me scrambling to get the papers and procedure together to order another. Gotta love government procedure! And the panic that finding it missing on a Sunday causes was definitely NOT helpful to getting things done. There is a picture blog following this one for the excess images! Check it out!

November 27-28

Tuesday was rather unexciting with schoolwork and cleaning and my going through the files on my computer for December and our Advent season. BUT we did take the boys out and FINALLY get some boots. 3 pairs at K-Mart for under 50.00… not bad! Sadly the twins are the only ones without runny noses.

Broken Babies

We did manage to carry through on the regular topics, just not dinosaurs. Emanuel spent most of the day asleep or on the couch. And poor Echo’s face, it looks worse than it did before BUT much better bump wise!

Poor face

Wednesday was a pretty special day for us… With Nana and Baba we went to Macy’s in Minneapolis and saw the very special Santa display!

In front of the Santa Village

Absolutely love this electronics in a vending machine

Checking out the displays

We had our afternoon lesson of course, this time with Little Passports heading all the way to BRAZIL! We read our letter, examined our special gifts and placed our sticker on the map. We added Countries of the World: Brazil by Zilah Deckker as our additional resource. There were some amazing pictures in this book!

Our Brazil package

Here it is

Trinity and her favourite part about Brazil. I got these sheets off of Activity Village

Zander and his Macaw

Gavin and Emanuel working on the wordsearch

Then I printed off some worksheets from Activity Village and Education.com to get us going a little further and Ken found us a book at the library for some pictures and general information. I found a great Samba video to share on youTube:

We are definitely being very basic on our learning about these countries so far, the interest is there and we are always trying to add to what information we are given.

Nana and Baba and the kids

The Candy Induced Aftermath

November 1-2

The day AFTER Halloween is never an easy one… too much sugar, a late night and this time a bit of a cold going around and we have 5 kids on varying levels of miserable. Runny noses are back for some full force and I think we all just wore each other out. Thank goodness we DO homeschool as I had the option of pulling back and letting the kids relax a bit… oh and it was a day that started with “T” so – MINECRAFT! 

Teaching Echo about magnets!

Zander wrote his spelling test for the week… ANOTHER 100%! On a roll this boy is!

Well done Zander!

I really need to put together a crochet completion blog entry… I have finished a bunch and posted… none! So watch for that! I have more and more plans of things to make and do and these fingers are rarely still anymore. So completions are rather consistent!

A quiet place to read?

We made up Halloween mini books with the origami fold. These are all just pictures but it was a fun exercise in taking our time and colouring our very best work. I think Zander plans on sending his up to a friend in Canada next week! You can find them HERE.

Coloured books

I am on the hunt for multiple things to augment our schooling… Brazil for Emanuel’s monthly mailing… Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims for… well you know… and USA in general… gotta get the country down pat before those yearly tests… ugh ugh ugh. So… I AM looking for affordable suggestions! Suggest away world!

Friday morning Ken and the kids finally got the chance to do their Halloween craft. We waited too long to get our traditional foam sets so instead they all made their own spider webs out of special strings. I got to sleep in and they got time with their Dad crafting. I think we all won out on that one!

Crafting with Daddy

Trinity worked at her workbook that Gammie sent us. She somehow ended up on the perfect workpage to send in our next pen pal letters (which we also received this week) to Gammie. 

Trinity and her page

In our letters from Gammie was some money to get a Halloween treat! So when we went out to do all our errands (yarn, looking at what Ken would like to buy with his birthday money…) we stopped off at Dairy Queen for fried cheese curds and Dilly bars! We still have enough left over for a treat later that week at McDonald’s! They have their cones on for 49 cents each!! 

Thank you!

The poem which  you can watch on youTube… or below was found on this page HERE. I had the twins decorate our page as usual to go in our special art and such folder. I think they did a great job as usual! Note again that Emanuel is right there reciting along and this time… a special guest… Miss Echo! 

Decorated page

We still have a ton of candy to eat… and now the mind is turning to Thanksgiving… wish me luck!

One of our Education.com print outs