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Happy 8th Birthday Miss Echo

Hard to believe she is 8 already! August 13 th marked our Echo turning 8. We had to split up her birthday celebration to include Aunty Karyn who drove down from Canada for her visit the week before.

Saying goodbye on the 11th

Saying goodbye on the 11th

So on the Friday (a day before Karyn had to drive back) we had an Echo day. We took her to the Como zoo (a zoo run on donations only) and she got a $30.00 limit in the main gift shop.20180810_102654




She HUGELY lucked out. They were having a sale on a series of large stuffed animals that had her buying 2 for pretty much exactly $30.00. After much agonizing we purchased a red panda (my favourite animal) and an elephant. Talk about a happy little girl!

With her new Stitch teddy from Aunty Karyn

With her new Stitch teddy from Aunty Karyn

After the zoo we had to drive back home and clean up for Echo’s first dance recital at the YMCA! There was 2 recitals planned due to summer scheduling conflicts with parents. For this recital not only was  Aunty Karyn and Trinity there with Mom and Dad but she was the only one in her class that made it!

Dancing solo with Miss Grace

Dancing solo with Miss Grace


She did an amazing job dancing with her teacher Grace, and looked absolutely adorable in her little pink outfit. We were so proud.20180810_171809

After recital it was home for a cupcake cake! Since she is currently obsessed with Stitch I went on Amazon and found some little Lilo and Stitch statues to put on top of the cake. Success!20180810_173547_HDR



Monday marked her actual birth date so we had presents from us and Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie. I went all out with the Stitch stuff and Aunty Holly totally hit the mark with her Lego set.20180813_150029



Thank you Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie!

Thank you Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie!

We also spent time at our favourite park.IMG_20180813_154447_908


A day or two later Echo got a parcel from Gammie. A brand new instant camera with film. Included was a lovely card from Aunty Heather and Hudson.20180813_145126

Add in birthday phone calls from Grandma and Nana and Baba and dinner out solo at McDonalds.20180813_171835


The topper on the day was swimming with Daddy while Mom worked out in her class upstairs.

Echo told me it was the best birthday ever. High praise indeed! Happy Birthday Echo!!!20180810_083543


Kitty school

Kitty school

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Happy Birthday Trinity!

9 years old, where has the time gone? April 26th marks Trinity’s turning 9. As we do with all the kids now, she got to plan her day.20170426_091533

We started off with pictures in the pretty dress we picked up for her that week at Sam’s Club.IMG_20170426_101506_129

Then it was a packed lunch and just us 3 girls off to the YMCA for some swimming. I opted to watch and take pictures from the sidelines, but the girls had the pool virtually to themselves. We had toyed with the idea of the girls spending a bit of time in the daycare while I worked out but when we went in it was a mad house of noise and babies.20170426_095726



After swimming was our picnic lunch in the lobby. Complete with a snack from the “snack machine”.20170426_112047

We brought our electronics of choice to use while we relaxed for the last of our girls’ morning out. Quiet, calm and exactly as Trinity requested.20170426_120106

Trinity chose all 3 of our outfits, actually!IMG_20170426_122929_805


Our afternoon was spent school free (another request) after a tiny bit of basic work, and relaxed on my bed.IMG_20170426_163414_015


Dinner was a daddy daughter only special time at Culver’s (lucky daddy!). It is one of her favourite places to eat.20170426_181717



Of course she opened presents! And had calls (video and phone) with grandparents. (Nana and Baba and Grandma Anna) Special thanks to Aunty Karyn, Aunty Holly and family and Gammie for mailing in special treats… it was a Pusheen themed event in the end! And without planning!20170426_191915

From Aunty Holly and family

From Aunty Holly and family

Thank you Gammie!

Thank you Gammie!


Cake was homemade from a Duff box mix and a hit all round. Made by DADDY!IMG_20170426_212638_039

All in all a happy birthday! 9 years in the making.20170426_213007


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Christmas Day!

Christmas day was a busy one for our family… well AFTER 10 am when Miss Trinity FINALLY woke up! Then it was time for a quick kid photograph in front of the tree with their stockings before CHAOS!

Pre Presents!

Echo opened maybe ONE present I think before she lost interest but everyone else was very excited and ready to tear in. Trinity had a happy squeal for each and every new present! This is our first year of having the twins getting different gifts more tailored to the individual. Gavin was very happy with his art set and Zander his puzzles. 

Echo at work


Emanuel’s favourite gift of the season was long in coming (about 2 yrs to hunt one down! Thank you Michaella!!) – Sleepy Bird from Pocoyo! He was so excited that after we calmed down he had to sit and make a thank you up RIGHT THEN! 

Front of the card

And the back... he drew ALL the characters he has toys for

Snuggles with Sleepy Bird

Instead of a full out lunch after our late breaky we did a platter of random nibbles for the kids. They thought that was too much fun, being able to come and go and eat as they pleased! 


After presents and before nibbled Sean stopped by with mail from the old house on his way to his parents’ place. He was supposed to go Christmas Eve but was feeling too under the weather. There was actually some GREAT mail in the stack making Sean our Christmas elf and another dear friend our Christmas Angel. I am glad to report the stress that was there a week ago is now resolved due to these two forces. YAY. It is looking like 2012 should be the beginning of a much better set of circumstances for our family. It has been long in coming since Ken was sick those years ago. 

Had to open the Laura Secord Chocolates from Ted!

Of course there were presents for the adults… well I got ONE present and an IOU. Poor Ken got thwarted at every turn and had people either buy what he was planning on getting me (ie. Camera) or stuff that he had already bought and then had to return. Most likely my presents will be wrapped and… well not under the tree as it will be boxed up by then… but gifted end of January! At least he loved what I got him!! And I DID get rechargeable batteries and the charger from Ken and the kids. The boys actually gave up their MAG trip that last Saturday to hunt it down for me!! 

Our afternoon was total  toy chaos that headed right into the evening. Supper was LOVELY! We had a large beef roast thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Mike who also sent home some moose for us to enjoy over the rest of the year. There was corn and rice and everyone was so FULL! Then Grandma and Grandpa stopped by on their way back from James, Holly and Jimmie’s! 

We had sent presents with them and they in turn were bringing presents from my brother’s family. Apparently both sides were VERY happy! I am looking forward to going to Chapters or Indigo and doing a little book shopping myself! The kids were right into their presents and cornered the grandparents long enough to get making a few items. Their visit was brief but the kids had so much fun having their grandparents for a little more time. 

There were phone calls from Ken’s folks and my dad to be had as well as the wild abandon that comes from excessive amounts of NEW toys laying about the place. I think I can safely say that though I decreased the amount of gifts the fun was no lessened, nor the mess sadly! BUT I am proud of my kids and their gratitude and sharing of their new things. Of course we are NOT planning on heading out to hunt the deals on Boxing Day… I would rather stay home with the kids and relax and play. AND do not have the extra funds to do said shopping anyway. I am an over the year deal finder myself! Are you?

Girls and Dolls