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Adventures of a Sunday Nature

Sunday, what sort of adventures did we have on Sunday… well quite a few actually! First off the whole family had to be up and out the door by 8am… this is actually a bit of a struggle when you add in IN THEIR CHURCH CLOTHES to the equation, but we managed. Thankfully I had everything we could need or think we needed in bags and ready to go. We left Sean sleeping downstairs, the dog outside to play with her across the alley friend and packed up and headed out. Straight on to the church and Sunday School in our Sunday best. 

We managed to dress Echo perfectly in red for the Pentecost Sunday and met up with the NEW minister… he is freshly ordained and VERY nice. We had a chance to speak to him, get some spiritual support and find out that he lit a candle for our family in prayer at the Synod convention this past week. I felt so blessed. AND he says that once we are back in town there is no issue with me lining up some time to come to the church and talk to him. I just want someone other than Ken to share my thoughts with who can be a support system. 

The right colour for the Sunday

Playing in the cry room

After chasing Echo in the cry room and saying hello to people, dropping off the costumes that mom made to finish off the series with the man in charge of them and helping practice next week’s costume dedication songs it was time for church. Now, with 5 kids and the service starting around Echo’s nap time (at 10:30) we usually do NOT stay…  but… this Sunday we were part of the service as it was finally the dedication and welcome of the new members. I am so glad we ran into the minister BEFORE service as that allowed us to sneak out after that point and head on our way to the next adventure on our adventurous Sunday. 

My family

So with church thoroughly enjoyed (the twins even got to draw chalk drawings outside)… and the family back in the van it was time to find an internet connection… thank you Starbucks parking lot… change everyone OUT of their Sunday finery and check the emails to make sure nothing new had come up that we could accomplish in the city… Well there was an errand to run but nothing else… 

With everyone in spring casual again it was time to head out of town, this time to Chris and Chris’ to pick up the all important Chinese New Year poster and some mail I had sent to their place. This was a solo endeavor by Ken. The kids were cranky and time ticking to make plans to meet up with friends. As well, She Chris has been under the weather since the day we left for mom’s so less was best. 

From there it was to the No-Frills which had an awesome 1.00 sale going on. We are very careful when it comes to eating out on day outings like this… with 7 people to feed cheaper is better and going to a grocery store for sandwich fixings, water (great sale I am telling you) than eating out. This No-Frills is actually attached to our clinic where our family doctor is! 

One more internet connection to be found to check email and then on to the MAG to see the new displays. We met up with THREE people this time – Karyn, Victoria and her friend Fatima. So we made a new friend while we learned about proper food preparation and Chinese immigrants who came during the gold rush etc etc. Ken had to dart out for the errand which left me in charge of all 5 with the ladies for help… so we multi tasked as well! I am so helping that those keeping an eye peeled for us can find us the coupons (when they come out) for the free family pass for a year again! We love the MAG. 

Running before we get educational

Then the fish in the entrance

Me and my baby

Zander in one of the Chinese outfits they had to play dress up in

How much cycling does it take to burn off a chip? (Gavin)

A bit of history

One more stop before we said good bye to the city and headed back to Grandma’s – this time a combo. Ken dropped me and the kids off at Dollarama and then went across the parking lot to empty out the old van (bye bye Quest). We shopped all over the place, everyone got a treat and I picked up some things for my craft table. I am almost ready I think, I have some bright containers, baggies for bows to ensure bought bows do not get dirty when taken home, and black Velcro. YAY! It was actually a rather fun walk through. 

A surprise find! RC Cola!

When all was said and done it was around 3:30 when we went through McDonald’s to get apple slices for the kids and head back to home (well where home is for now). We even stopped off at the pharmacy on the way back into town and Gavin got to see his god mommy Christine and give her a specially coloured picture! A fulfilling and FUN day. We ran, we played, we learned and we celebrated… all necessary Sunday activities don’t you think? And we came home to a rather rested puppy who had an afternoon playdate with her bestfriend (thanks again Ashley). 

Worn out kiddos

We also had a Sean to visit with before he had to head home to get ready for school in the morning. I am sure you can imagine how excited ECHO was! And that was how our weekend played out… 

Back in the backyard before bed

Reflection on 3 Days

It amazes me how by the weekend you can feel so worn out! I really didn’t FEEL the exhaustion until I stopped going and keeping the week progressing… come Sunday afternoon with the baby in nap and the kids playing something and BANG I was tired. But I should backtrack to Saturday first!

Let’s see… I will get the van issue out of the way, er almost out of the way! Ken took the poor thing BACK to Canadian Tire for attempt #4 at creating a working coolant system. They popped the hood, put in some coolant and started it up… and out poured coolant! Apparently this time it was OBVIOUS where the issue was. Not the same place as the last 3 times but instead a piece that holds a portion of the tubing on was now cracked. They figure it was a little cracked last time and obscure enough that they missed it when the last repair was done. SO… they have to call around the the junk yards to try and find a part for a ’96 Quest. It shouldn’t take too long, there are still tons on the road. AND we only have to pay the part!!! 

So no out of town visiting yet everyone, sorry. Though (she) Chris is sweet enough to lend us her van mid week so we can get to my physical (am I really all THAT thankful??) and Echo’s 1 1/2 year check up that is a 10 or 15 min drive away. I could reschedule but we are being VERY stiff on Echo’s appointments… especially when she is without her surgery. We want each appointment made and her seen properly. That way if something DOES change we catch it quick! 

Well the rest of Saturday DAY was rather sedate… Ken picked up groceries allowing me to bake bread (seriously a loaf purchased is pretty much a MEAL for this family, especially since the cheaper loaves are the store brand and slightly smaller) in the breadmaker (yum!) and then it was games games games for the kids. After all, it IS the weekend I was told! 

Anyway… Saturday evening Kristen and Fydo came over with a new game in hand and a box of mozza sticks to bake. This was a new game for all of us and I think  very little true strategy resulted towards the end. Still the company was good, the game fun and the snacks totally yummy. We found out that Echo WILL eat cheese… in breaded stick form! AND she gets VERY upset when you tell her no more after she has had 3 of them!!!

Dominant Species


They also came bearing clothing! Apparently Kristen’s sister has a daughter who is bigger than Trinity. AND included in that bag was a full snowsuit size 6 yrs… perfect for Emanuel!! And REVERSIBLE! So no more girly snowpants, I Freecycled them Monday anyway as they have a cracked buckle but are good otherwise. We are so blessed that people think of us when they come across used useful items! 

New clothes!

But the evening did not end there! Around 10pm (she) Chris picked up myself and my slurpee cup (refillable huge one) and we went back to their new place for the grand tour and then snacks! (Chips and my favourite dip! So spoiled!). They live the next town over so it is only a 10-15 min drive. I think I got home after one! So a full evening! 

Now onto Sunday! Ken gets to sleep in on Sundays as he is the one who generally takes the kids to Sunday School. Remember our church here has it BEFORE service at 9:30 am. Very much not Echo friendly lately so I stay home with her, clean up and put baby down to nap around the time they get home. BUT before Sunday School there was a bit of time with the kids all dressed and basically ready to go. To fill the time they all sat down and drew pictures. Pictures of play parks, themselves and one of Minecraft (Zander). Gavin gave his to one of the people in charge of Sunday School, sadly Emanuel’s made it to Sunday School and back only to be washed in his pants pocket!!

Pre-church art

Echo and I made do with each other for the little over an hour of time the kids were gone. We had an aborted nap where I thought she was sleepy, put her to bed, had my bath and then found her playing in the crib! Emanuel came home with a special birthday eraser, the sang happy birthday to him and another little girl with a birthday this week. The twins get their turn this coming Sunday.

Birthday eraser

As a special treat to myself and Echo, after Echo’s nap we went out with Karyn to hang out at her place (no pictures sorry)… Echo wandered around and stared at the kitty while we visited. So I certainly kept busy this weekend. 

Hanging with Aunty Karyn

Today we were back to work with our school stuff. Zander is still working downstairs with Ken on stuff I am not yet allowed to see. But progress is occurring. Gavin took half of today and worked on his cross stitch. The goal is to finish this piece up over the next few weeks. 

Sewing away

We brought out some game dvds for the kids today as well… though I have misplaced the Thomas one for Emanuel. Instead he listened to a book on cd that I played on the laptop. BUT the games went pretty well… all 4 of them squished together watching the screen was ADORABLE! 

Educational game time

Zander built a lifeguard tower out of Legos (I am not sure why the lifeguard has no arms!). 

Lifeguard tower

We had a treat for the whole family today – Ken worked late into the evening Sunday and hard this morning so that in the afternoon we could head over to the Museum and Art Gallery to take a peek at their Inuit exhibition. (sorry no pictures in, there were no signs but I didn’t want to risk it). There were examples of traditional winter clothing, pictures, art pieces AND a polar bear skin rug they could touch. I brought home some colouring pages they had for the kids. I hope to go back next week and look at more of the images on the walls. The kids got bored quickly. I wish I could have taken a picture of Echo, she was walking around holding Ken’s hand. I am totally going to have to have them try that again in an open area! 

Colouring pages

The kids were MOST excited by the koi they have right in the entrance! There were some rather large fish BUT the favourite was the smaller baby fish swimming along after them! 

At the pond

Some of the fish

We also had to take pictures out front… of course! LOOK I am even IN one!!!

Out front

Tomorrow is a work work work day for Ken as Wednesday morning is that doctor trip. We have to dig out our Valentine’s decorations from our tub and figure out what we want to do to decorate! The boys had a special quiet time assignment dealing with halves and whole – they had to go through my entire tupperware cabinet and find all the matching pieces… they did a great job and refilled the cabinet with their own style of organization. I am not sure how user friendly it will be but they worked hard and seem to have a good grasp of having HALF of something… and that two pieces are involved when you are working on halves and wholes. And to top it off – I have an organized cabinet! 

Emanuel and his dinosaur

I am currently brainstorming for Christmas now. I have one idea but am missing half the info I need. I am  going to add a page on this site for Christmas wishes and gift ideas so that those of you we see and exchange with can give me ideas! I want to do more cross stitching this year, expand on my felties AND maybe find a new craft or two?? 

Bitty snack time

So Many Days at Once

In recognition of the internet blackout regarding some potential bills to be passed in the US I postponed this blog entry. You need to check out SOPA and PIPA… those are the bills… also (though this comic has mature content at times) read this entry to one of my favourite comics! Check out SOPA STRIKE as well. These bills would affect a lot of people from all walks of life! 

And the weather continues to reinforce the reasoning behind so many Albertan’s exodus to warmer quarters during winter. Apparently tonight it is to dip below -40 Celsius with wind chill… a VERY good reason to curl up with some sewing and tuck the kids into bed with lots of blankets.

Together time

Zander was rather sure he WANTED to go outside and play yesterday morning and mommy was equally certain that that was a HORRIBLE idea. Thankfully we bypassed the going outside with reading the other library book on China and drawing pictures for our poster. 

Car set on a snowy and cold day

Gavin is determined to make a dent in his stitch. So now it is a request to sew at almost any point in the day. I am glad… it may not be reading or writing or math or even one of the typical school subjects but it IS an art, and fine motor skills, pattern recognition, etc etc. I have been toying with having Gavin help me design some simple patterns we could put up on my pattern site for purchase or free download. He does make some cute ones!!

Gavin's progress

Gavin chose to take some time to make some Lego art as well on Tuesday. A year or more ago we went to the Telus Science Center to see their Lego exhibit. Some of the creations were more paintings made of Lego, with Zander focusing on space and in turn telling all he knows to Gavin he wanted to make something in that theme. There is a shooting star on there, the sun, the moon, earth and “the red planet” as Gavin refers to Mars as. 

Gavin's Artistic Lego

I completed my kit that I started on the weekend. It was more of an accent than an actual stitch but it was fun to do and the results lovely. I plan on giving it away at Christmas or for a birthday, once I figure out who the best person would be to receive it. 


Wednesday definitely has not gone exactly on plan… we knew it would be cold but apparently the van took offense as well. Well that and the cord is not connected to the block heater so no amount of plugging in would help! Nice to find that out! With that little gem of knowledge came the fact that the van would not start. SO no library trip for the boys… a disappointment BUT we rallied and they watched educational tv and then played a card game with Daddy! 

Cards with Daddy

Our day was not overly busy as the cold weather locked us inside, much to the disgust of Zander. Though we had some math and reading and the like going on. The little ones did their workbooks and Zander willingly headed to the basement and the supervision of Daddy! I am liking how this set up is working. I think Zander and I were getting very frustrated with each other! 

Workbook time

After an aborted Wednesday Thursday has been an improvement. We are working on rescheduling the eye appointment. Ken called first thing in the morning and they were overbooked and behind even first thing in the morning. With it an hour and a half drive away we were quick to offer to reschedule and potentially find a local office. We would love to get a baseline done on Gavin as well. 

That solved the van not fixed issue… though we are still on the list to get into Canadian Tire. Mildly frustrating but everything Ken and the boys need to do this weekend is local. And us girls have Cousin Veronika’s VERY reliable jeep to tool around in. 

Enjoying the open main floor

After stopping at a couple stores to pick up some food items we have spent Thursday relaxing at Veronika’s… there is a kitty to meet, tv to watch and an iPad to play with. Bedtime is a bit of a trial as we are sharing a room and neither girls were really interested in going to sleep… 



It is going to be a nice vacation, my first away from the boys for more than a night in like 4+ years! Trinity is already enjoying so much attention. 

Some art