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Well shoot, no cute kid pics, but a good set of resources for an animal straight out of the cretaceous period and myself one step closer to a cleaned out draft folder!! Enjoy!


Dinosaurs are a staple in our homeschooling life… I think Emanuel is a life long addict to the world of the prehistoric. The Tylosaurus is a rather interesting ocean dweller. Considered to have born live babies and been an active carnivore It was far from the top of the food chain. Found in the shallow seas of what is now North America this Cretaceous period critter is quite the interesting character. This Mososaur “knob lizard” was not a dinosaur but lived along side of them.

Our video is from Prehistoric World 2013… Sea Monsters a Prehistoric Journey(2007).

And now for the list of links:

  • National Geographic HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wikia HERE
  • Prehistoric Wildlife HERE
  • Oceans of Kansas HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • And our colouring page thanks to Avancna HERE and the artist’s page HERE.


Sorry there is no image for this one… Just links etc. But one more long due post is up and running! Enjoy the random dinosaur facts in July!¬†

Emanuel does enjoy the unusual dinosaurs. I went onto Fantastic Dinosaurs HD, the iPad app and picked out one of the weirder Triassic critters. The Prestosuchus is neither a dinosaur or a crocodile but something called an archosaur. Found in Brazil, it had very powerful legs and was thought to be a fast runner. A carnivore, it was quite the scary looking creature.

Our video for the day was Dino Moments Prestosuchus WMV. I will warn you there is a screen shown from 45-56 seconds of the individual (Stephen Pearl’s) website link and such that I did NOT¬†peruse. What interested us was the images from the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit.

And now for our link list…

  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Dinosaurs.wikia HERE
  • The Forgotten Archosaurs HERE
  • ReptileEvolution.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page came from deviantArt, but a new artist for us… SommoDracorex. You can find the image we used HERE and the artist’s page HERE.


Found in South America, the Carnotaurus had a rather intimidating visage. The flesh eating bull had dangerous horns on its head and a yen for meat. Found in the Cretaceous period, this carnivore had near useless front arms and hands but powerful legs. Though there HAS been some debate as to what it DID eat… with both carnivore and herbivore teeth.

We found this dinosaur in our book

But, onto the videos… and we have an ADORABLE one that we had to watch TWICE! You will have to go TO youTube to see this animated short HERE. Our second video was much shorter…

There was also an interesting RADIO piece about our carnivore with CBC.ca (back to my roots)… Quirks and Quarks… a show I used to listen to with my dad as a child! You can listen in HERE.

Now enough of that… links!

  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Animal Planet HERE
  • Science Kids HERE
  • KidsDinos.com HERE
  • Cool Dino Facts HERE
  • Prehistoric Wildlife HERE
  • Dinosaur Facts HERE
  • Dinopedia HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page is found on deviantArt by Zakafreakarama HERE. You can find his artist’s page directly HERE.

    THREE interested this time!