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Waaaah February 2018!!!

On a roll, that is what I am!!! Of course not only is February a short month, but also pre blogged just a wee bit… let’s see…

  • Emanuel’s 12th birthday HERE
  • Zander and Gavin turning 14 HERE
  • Valentine’s Day HERE
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations HERE

So see, much of my work is already done. You can check those links and refresh your memory of our fun! I know I enjoy a nice look back once in a while.IMG_20180214_151346_502

Well let’s see, there was more time in the snow.20180223_140358_HDR




More chinchilla pictures.20180218_103342





Many hours spent at our YMCA (not a surprise?).

That is Ken sleeping there.

That is Ken sleeping there.



We even brought 2 of the Novak boys to enjoy the pool (Alex and Aidan) during an overnight visit.20180219_182131



Scrabble became quite the game.

Scrabble became quite the game.

This was before they pulled out the words verging on rude lol

This was before they pulled out the words verging on rude lol

We had dinner with Maevowyn… I mean Aunty Shandai and Uncle Ravyn and Maevowyn. Belated Christmas fun there. Seriously Echo is in love with her baby cousin. As it should be!20180204_183715

Pay attention to ME Cousin Gavin!!!

Pay attention to ME Cousin Gavin!!!


Visited the aquarium at Mall of America.20180228_170750











Kept on acolyting.IMG_20180228_090153_795

We learned much.20180207_153456




Kiwi Crate! Thanks Gammie

Kiwi Crate! Thanks Gammie


Crafted some.20180217_105639

And played more.IMG_20180220_210432_688


Of course there was more to the month than all of this, but what a fun look back at some highlights.20180210_114946





Ending the Week Onto the Weekend

We have FINALLY completed our tree picture frame crafts… I figure we will either have some art made to fill them or print out some pictures. VERY sparkly (due to the rhinestones I bought at Dollarama) and very fun to make. You can find the instructions for these here. Very simple and the kids enjoyed all the steps. Though we DID exchange corks for cardstock and string hangers out of necessity.

Two of the trees

 The 9th day of Advent had a penguin theme! I had to giggle a little at the colour by number (black and orange). Penguins are a favourite around here… after all Emanuel wanted to be one for Halloween and the kids do love a good penguin show or story. 

The 10th day of Advent we coloured a train station and I had DOUBLE the laminating as I slacked off on Friday night – with good reason I am sure you will ALL agree (and why this is a two day post after my careful daily Advent storytelling…). We had our SECOND mini Christmas get together – though this one spans the whole weekend! We started Friday with She Chris getting into town, stopping by and then going out to look at some local rentals (they are moving here too!!). We went to the mall, shopped and had lunch. We tried a new place – Umi Sushi Express… YUM and the portions are lovely. (I actually had my leftovers for lunch today!)

Mini Bento

My date

After shopping and eating and hanging out we headed back to the house to put miss Echo to nap AND to meet up with Kathy. After some visiting (and some owls chosen to fly the nest! 5 in fact!) Kathy, Karyn and I went back out – this time with TRINITY in tow and did a bit of shopping… gotta get those stocking stuffers for Ken after all! Then it was back for chili with the Chris’ plural. AND our first received Christmas presents of the year! I was told I HAD TO open mine Friday instead of waiting until Sunday… time sensitive! Talk about a surprise… I will let the picture speak for itself!

Ta.... Da!!!

The kids were excited to open THEIR first presents – the cutest ever pillow/toys!!! We have a bumblebee, panda, ladybug, dolphin and puppy. EVERYONE was happy! And KEN got a bag full of chocolates and a camera case to fit my camera (we are sharing my gift). 

Snuggly presents

There was more fun to be had and this time – KID FREE! Kathy had won a gift certificate to Moxie’s for her Halloween costume this year (I think she won LAST YEAR as well!) from work so we took that, She Chris’ van and all the womenfolk and headed off for a visit. (new camera in tow of course!) We decided to each pick an appetizer and then go nuts! Let’s see… dry ribs, salt and pepper wings, sweet potatoe fries and something called Med-Bread… lots of dips to try and even a couple of drinks… So much fun and with the gift certificate the most affordable fancy meal out I have had in ages!!


Pretty drinks


Today She Chris and I went out for a little shopping… I am down to 2 pairs of pj’s to buy… I brought home a craft for the kids – making bell necklaces with a Christmas theme to make up for Ken working the whole day so he can have tomorrow off. Though those bells sound like the set of bells I put on our front door so I kept thinking someone was coming in..


So there has been visiting, snacking, presents… so much fun! And tomorrow is the kids’ Christmas pageant! The twins know their portion of the bible passage pretty well and the little ones their lines… the camera is primed and ready to video and Chris and Chris have theirs to take photos. So we should be all good! 


And cuz it is just too cute

I figure with TWO days of Advent we need TWO videos… so I am going to end today’s installment with one the KIDS loved… note I said the KIDS!