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August 8-10

After so much fun and amazing company with the parade the night before I was rather proud of the kids for getting the book work and learning done that we did.101_9053 101_9054 101_9055 101_9056

Everyone was excited to head out to the garden to see if the sun had helped our vegetables along. It is amazing how many green cherry tomatoes we have just awaiting that little bit more sun and heat to be ready for eating.101_9058 101_9059 101_9061

This has been the year for toads in the yard as well. When one is found we MUST stop everything and photograph it. I think we shall have to spend some of our time this winter and do a unit on frogs and toads!101_9063

And of course we had to do some mugging for the camera… selfies being a “real” word and all now!101_9067

On the weekend we figured we should take advantage of the sales and pick up some school supplies for our new school year. I try to keep a surplus around but at the beginning of the year each kid gets their own pencil case and supplies in those. Something new to start a new year with. I am amazed how hard it is to find duotangs here (the folders with the 3 sets of prongs for the paper holes).101_9085 101_9087 101_9088 101_9142 101_9143

Miss Echo sets her own style lately… quite well I might add!101_9080

The boys wanted to share their current display of Mixels. Gammie has sent them TWO series! There is a third yet to come. They are SO thankful that she felt she should send them these. A collection AND Legos… a match made in heaven!101_9089

Saturday evening we had a last minute plan change. With a garden full of cucumbers and lacking the knowledge about canning we called up Renee and Christopher. Their church was having a fair and is just down the road so after their mass they came over to our house for dinner and canning!101_9093 101_9094 101_9091 101_9095

So the kids ran wild in the basement while Ken and I were educated in how to make pickles!! Thank you so much Chris and Renee… we cannot wait to taste the pickles! And now we can move this knowledge to face the coming tomatoes and maybe even touch on our peppers.101_9096 101_9097

After we saw everyone off Ken ran out to take pictures of the (almost) full moon. This happened to be a lucky choice as at the high point (Sunday) we ended up with rain and clouds. I love it when we get a chance to play with the camera beyond the simple kids and pets.101_9105 101_9119

On Sunday we got our butts out the door to finish the bulk of our school shopping… (pictures above) and Ken yielded to temptation and got these… mixed results!101_9086

Oh and buy a dress for Miss Echo for her birthday – that was her gift from Mommy and Daddy this year. We lucked out at H&M and got a teachers discount!101_9123

What to do what to do to round off the weekend? Why… head to the beach once more!!!!101_9126 101_9130 101_9132 101_9136 101_9140 101_9141

So Much Visiting Packed in a Few Days

July 11-13

Looking back at July it seems like we didn’t do anything but fun in the sun! Well we DID take advantage of the lovely weather and a freezer full of freezies and got our time in the sun.101_8457

We are doing well with reading, worksheets mailed by Gammie and of course the new season of Wild Kratts. (HERE)

Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger

Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger

Saturday we headed back to the Schwartz’s for a nice visit So there are MORE pictures of the ever adorable Jeffrey…101_8466

Renee was out with her mom and sister but the kids, Ken and I came over to help Chris and his folks build a shed. I mean, KEN helped with the shed, I helped Grandma (Anne) with the babies and the kids played and hung out.

Best little buddies!

Best little buddies!

Watching a movie together

Watching a movie together

101_8468 101_8469Mystro is absolutely one of my favourite subjects to photograph.101_8459

101_8470Chris treated us all to Chinese as a thank you. It was so much fun to just sit, sew and read with Anne and Jeffrey. Talk about a relaxing Saturday (not so much for Ken and Chris and Gary!).

Ken and Mystro

Ken and Mystro

101_8477 101_8476On Sunday we decided to go back to the Blaine beach and enjoy the wonderful sand, water and splash pad. I have to say, with such a nice location a short drive away we are really not motivated to go further and find a less manicured or bigger beach.101_8480 101_8482 101_8483

I love the confidence all 5 kids have at this beach.101_8494 101_8495 101_8499 101_8501

101_8503After the beach it was back to cheering on one of our favourite soccer players. Anthony was playing his final game of his regular year.10502173_10152582610461151_4158553654237434734_n

101_8508 101_8507 101_8511Even big Andy made it out! Which was GREAT. Ken does love spending time with him, but he is so often on the road driving truck this summer it has been a trick to plan out.101_8516

The kids wandered off and played together so that worked well.101_8533 101_8541

And Anthony and his team played a great game! I do believe they were undefeated in regular season. Our plan is to go to a couple of his USA Cup games as well. I know they play a couple foreign teams along with some more local (or at the very least American).

It is these great opportunities to spend time with our friends and family (I mean, come on Novaks are basically cousins at this point!) that has slowed our hunt for the elusive homeschooling family to meet and hang out with.101_8531 101_8534 101_8538 101_8530 101_8524

And In Blows May

May 1-4

We started May with Wild Kratts.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish

And Echo modelling a little purse I made her known as a church purse or cradle purse. I remember having one of these made  for me by my grandma Reinsch. Though I think mine had a plastic soap container bottom. I chose to go without to avoid sharp corners. Complete with a tiny blanket for the baby doll. You can make the purse turn into a baby cradle. Perfect for quiet play at church… if Echo would stop losing it! Though I have to work on my knots for my drawstring. I am not pleased with how they slip after my 3 1/2 yr old has tugged and gone at it for a while. Would love suggestions on that!!101_7322

101_7324The next day, to cover another Scouts extra we all made instruments out of pieces of what not we had around the home! Talk about a noisy and fun craft.101_7325

We also made a trip to a bakery… an Italian one. Where we got some amazing pastries. We got to watch the baker in the back mix something up in a rather impressive giant mixer.

My treat!

My treat!

101_7328We also busted out the chocolate bunnies… nibbles on ears and bunny tails…101_7329

And then, suddenly… MAY WEEKEND! The first Saturday of the month so OF COURSE we have Home Depot. We went to a different one than we usually did and not only did we make flower pot holders but we ALSO got 10 craft pins. Something our home Home Depot did not offer! They also do a 25 I think so guess where we are going for that milestone month!!!101_7337

We actually had a reason for our change in Home Depot venue. This was the closest one to the district Pinewood Derby races! Held at a car dealership no less. The boys were able to sign up not long before their races (both Emanuel and Aidan) and trophies were awarded right after. For our first districts Emanuel did awesome – 4th place over all pretty much! Aidan took home first! Everyone had fun watching the cars and it gave the adults some visiting time.101_7339

101_7340101_7342101_7343101_7345We had PLANNED to head to the free comic day at The Source… up until we drove by and realized that they were lined up literally AROUND the building! Though there was some amazing cosplayers out there to keep people company!101_7351

Add to this already busy day Ken with an overnight gaming with the guys and I think we made good use of our first May weekend already!

And some time with the cousins!

And some time with the cousins!

After Ken came home, then took the kids to Sunday School and then came home again we had company for dinner… Both of the Schwartz families!101_7367

The kids played, the ladies crafted and the men assisted in the kitchen.101_7357

101_7358AND I got to photograph baby Jeffrey. Isn’t he an adorable model??101_7360

With Daddy

With Daddy

101_7363101_7365Really, after an amazing dinner with terrific company… what a way to end a weekend!!!101_7347