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Look at how ambitious we were x number of years ago!!!! 


Our new year has us at one dinosaur per week… I am sure we will soon up that but for now Trinity and Emanuel are a dino a day. Our next dinosaur is a North American herbivore. The Parasaurolophus. Found in the Cretaceous period it had a distinctive crest and could run on either two or four legs. Found in Alberta, Utah and New Mexico there is still debate as to what its crest was used for… sound, smell, mating… one of the amazing things about paleontology is that there isn’t always a clear answer.

We had a Clash of the Dinosaurs video to watch… they really do use some amazing puppeteering. Thanks to Itsdre9x9.

And now for our list of links:

  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • The Dino Directory HERE
  • Science Kids HERE
  • The Big Zoo HERE
  • International Business Times special about the most complete Parasaurolophus discovered HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page from Kidopo HERE

TALLEST Dinosaur!!! Meet the Sauroposeidon

There seems to be a bit of a distinction with the Sauroposeidon… it is the TALLEST but NOT the Longest as is evidenced by the following YouTube video. I still say a long tail is NOT as cool as the extreme giraffe neck! 

This amazing dinosaur is actually VERY rare, they have only found the vertebrae from its neck to date. In fact, they were so BIG that they were mistaken for petrified tree trunks for YEARS! This giant could have eaten food from a 6th story window! It had (they propose) front legs longer than the back, again giraffe like. It ate vegetation of course, and probably HUGE amounts. But enough from me… here are the links!

We started with the Color2Learn page and their images of the World’s Largest Dinosaur HERE. I especially liked how they had the picture with the man and the dinosaur. EnchantedLearning had lots of information HERE with some links to other items of interest. KidsDinos.com has their usual awesome map and this time their chart of humans to dinosaur ratio shows how absolutely HUGE the Sauroposeidon was HERE. BBC has the original finding article they posted HERE from 1999. There is a great picture of the vertebrae found on dinosaurs wikia HERE. Age of dinosaurs has a great point by point on the stats for this massive creature HERE. The dinosaurs.about.com site is a good one, it also clued me into something that I found a fact sheet about later… our videos that we were looking at for previous dinos out of the Clash of the Dinosaurs (Discovery) has some BIG factual issues with this specific dinosaur… more about that later but HERE is the first article. ScienceKids has a great quick write up HERE. And as usual, the dry article by Wiki is right HERE. Lots of facts, little drama.

Talk about a LONG neck!

Ok, now that teaser about the Clash of the Dinosaurs fact hunt. Well, I will include below the video that holds the most of the considered factual points they got right. That is, the statements that the majority of other paleontologists felt were correct or could be inferred from the information that we have about the other dinosaurs of the same family. BUT it IS agreed that the Sauroposeidon was the last of this type when the body shape etc was simply becoming obsolete. OH and at the very end of the video they state the stomach acid could have melted iron… that is not agreed upon it seems. You can check out the issues with the series HERE.