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Ending the Week to Discover the Weekend…

I need to start off the blog entry with my last image from Comic-con. This lady was rather amazing… not only did she play the very funky looking violin but she also is an artist! And I love her outfit! So I had to ask her if I could take her picture at her booth. Her name is Karen Sim and you can find her site HERE. Her cd is called Pedestrian.

Doesn't she look amazing!

Anyway… time to refocus on the day. Not an easy goal when the kids woke up cranky. We collected as much random items as we could and then sorted stuff into bags. I attempted a go out and play scenario which was met with a lot of whining and bemoaning of fate (even though it is a lovely day out!). So we ended up doing schoolwork! Even though I had figured we would call the day a wash. 

The rest of my day has been spent tidying, repacking, kid wrangling. Thankfully the sun came out so I sent the kids out in the afternoon to play in the backyard… they made a castle for Princess Trinity and were busy keeping the bad guys away from it when I checked on them! 

The castle

The princess

Her knights

We have been in a holding pattern all day. And honestly with the intense wish to GO GO GO it has been hard for all of us. Thankfully Ken is a lot calmer than I in these times and my lovely cousin Veronika on tap via messenger on the iPad (thank you Apple!) to keep me sane. Isn’t family grand! 

We ended  the evening with a 2pm meet up time and Ken with all the information he needs to go from there! Wish us luck, I will try and keep updating!! 

The Duke

Hello May

May 1st started with rain and cranky children. Ok cranky Mommy too… We did manage to jump into our schoolwork with both feet – after all Farmer Boy had to tell us all about how he spends a Saturday night. Then draw some pictures from the trip and of course do a little math.

Boys at work

What was glaringly absent was the beginning of our move to our new rental. We had a bit of a delay on that one in the form of a lack of communication from the potential new landlord. We knew he was getting down to the line on his repairs and that he was most likely rushing around trying to get them done but with no word it was time to contact our second choice (which was equally nice and willing to wait for the 1st to pass to hear from us as they had not had any other concrete and respectable interest). As usual life is always the hard way round for this family, at least lately! 

We did finally hear from #1 late Tuesday night… Ken was right, he had been rushing around trying to get everything done so we COULD move in. Sadly he could not, but is willing to refund our deposit AND if we cannot get into a place when it IS finally done it is still ours. He could not give us a move in date though so basically that is that. 

The kids are very frustrated… and I can’t really blame them! With the rain as well it is hard to keep them occupied. We are all done with tv… missing our things and in need of the ability to reorganize our life and our priorities to make us all happier. Ken works so hard to try and make our life better, I just want it to all work out so we can have more of his time and energy directed at happier things. 

Echo and Duke

I have gotten some crafty items in the mail recently from eBay… I know have ribbon AND clips to continue with my bow making

Wednesday was another wet day. Math focused for schooling… and of course frustrated children for the win. Trinity started working on her birthday present – a jewelry box. 

Sticking on the pretties... she did some by the instructions and others... winged it

Pretty much we held down the fort and waited for the email… it took a bit as #2 was stuck out of the city longer than they thought but they were able to confirm that we could have their rental. We just need to wait on them to return to the city. So that was a HUGE load off the shoulders mid afternoon. Of course you depend on nothing but the keys in your hand. 

I found my glue gun after a little searching and with the help of some of my new ribbon and the new alligator clips off eBay was able to finish some more bows. I need to take some time soon and lay out everything I have made and see how much I have all together. 

I love these, they are all on alligator clips

In purple

Baby's First Christmas

Some more purple

I have talked a couple friends who are already working on their contributions for our craft table! Pretty exciting!

And that leads us into Thursday… can’t the week just end already?? And by end I mean end with us comfortably (or even uncomfortably) ensconced in our new rental. The kids are done done DONE and ready to get into their own space again. We did sneak out while Echo was sleeping and Ken working away at his computer and went to the store to get slurpees. A bit of a chilly walk but the signs of spring are here and there.

My boys

Such a girly girl

The kitty we met on our walk

We did continue with Farmer Boy. This chapter we learned about how different Sunday could be. Everything from the hoop skirts (which Gavin drew for our book) to sitting silently in church and then coming home and doing the same. Boy were they glad we don’t have to sit still ALL DAY on Sundays NOW. I don’t think they fully understand why Almanzo had to. I think we are all looking forward to Sunday when we plan on getting back into Sunday School. Much easier now that we have a working van of our own. 

Random Echo picture.. I had an extra

One step closer to regular life. The next step is to refocus the schooling. I look forward to having all my supplies at hand again. We are still planning to make paper in the summer and of course there are a few museums etc I would like to take the kids to! Thank goodness we can plow through summer and get back to where I had hoped to be when I started this academic year. 

It is amazing how life goes up and down and around the corner. I can honestly say we have had many more adventures than I ever though we would. Not sure if that is really a GOOD thing… I wish I could remember who wished us an interesting life together at our wedding… though they may be glad I can’t remember as I am not 100% sure I would thank them! 

A touch of spring... just because

Anyway, in celebration of getting one step closer to normal Reinsch-Johnson life (which everyone tells me is nowhere NEAR normal for the rest of the world!) I do believe I will craft. After all I have some featureless owls to do, bows to discover and of course that WIP that is skulking around that I have not touched in a month (OOPS!). 

Baby girl

Oh, another Comic-con find… a lovely leather book. This was hand done and marked down to 20.00. I am not sure what all I will put in there but it is absolutely LOVELY! They are done by a husband and wife duo called PHASHA. I love mine, though I wish there would have been one this size with a fairy on it!!

So lovely!

Ending our Time Away

Since we decided NOT to take in the 3rd day of Comic Con that freed us up for a leisurely Sunday morning. Once everyone was fed and dressed and ready to go it was time to head back to pick up the boys! Trinity AND Ken were less than enthused about the notion. 

Impromptu nap before going to get her brothers... but she wasn't tired!

I wish we had gotten this artist's name... I still need to see if I can figure it out. BUT this is another of our Comic-con gems from Saturday.

We managed to get there in good time after stopping to get chocolate for Aunty Holly to go with her Little Vampire swag. And then it was time for an abbreviated visit. 

Aunty Holly and Jimmie... they had way belated birthday presents for the boys to open before we left

Trinity was completely burned out so had snuggle and quiet time. It was nice to have a relatively stress free visit with Holly while the boys cleaned up all their messes. 

Emanuel and one of the kitties

After hugs good bye it was time to head back to Kathy’s house for ANOTHER special Trinity birthday celebration! We had original My Little Pony to enjoy (the boys were exposed to the new version at my brother’s… I never did SEE my brother by the way! schedules just did not match up), and the kitties to admire. 

Kathy had ran out to IKEA and picked up meatballs to cook at her house so we had meatballs for supper again. The boys were in heaven! Sadly Trinity was just off all day. It really came down to her brothers returning. Both she and Ken walked into the situation cranky… had to have a couple chats with them about being GLAD we are all together again. She did sit up and perk up a bit for ice cream cake (Dairy Queen ice cream cake… SPOILED!). 

Ice cream cake

The belated birthday girl

Echo had to have some too!

There were MORE presents… Kathy had a pinkie pie bitty pony and an adorable kitty necklace. We finally gave Trinity her Hello Kitty txting machines. We still need to read through the instructions but she was very pleased. According to our resident 4 year old it has been an amazing birthday!

Opening presents

After tucking Trinity in in our room (aka the library) and the boys in the livingroom with even MORE classic pony it was time for boardgames. We played Fullhouse and this time only Ken was the one who had never played before… and guess who won? You got it, KEN! Kathy said it was one of the best games of that she had played in AGES. 


The next day it was time to face reality and head back to Chris and Chris’… but not until AFTER breakfast with Kathy and the collecting of all of our stuff. Of course I still managed to forget something… though that could be blamed on Echo who seemed to have hidden my iTouch in the couch! Of course I did not notice until well after we had left and gotten back to our home base! 

It was our first time driving the shorter drive to and from the city. It felt like a skip hop and a jump! We did stop at Superstore first and get bread, meat and cheese for an on the go lunch that was super affordable. And once again heading back with much MORE than we left with! Not that I am complaining, though Ken is… just a little! It was not easy to settle back in, the kids are just as impatient as I am to get on with the next step of our move! 

Such a pretty 4 year old!