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Easter Resources

March has been a busy month! For Easter, with only a week and a half between it and St. Patrick’s Day, we are doing a family lapbook. Which means another resource entry! Books:





  • ‘Twas the Night Before Easter with Veggie Tales and the colouring page that goes with
  • Dinosaur Train Eggstravaganza by PBS kids… not so much Easter but egg and baby related. Lots of fun as it tied in eggs, new birth and our beloved dinsaurs

Printables in General

Helpful information sites

Videos Ken found us this informative but slightly over the boys’ heads video on Easter traditions. Very interesting but maybe not for the youngest students.

And a picture of two of our lapbook pages! Good luck! 

We had a lot of fun with this unit

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A Weekend Without…

November 3-4

Our first weekend without Nana and Baba while they are on their Mexican vacation… of course Ken and myself ended up sick. BUT we managed to make it a rather memorable weekend… This was our first go at the Home Depot monthly kids’ activity. The age range is 5-12 so I kept the girls home with me where we made our own little craft using some of the Halloween colour themed craft supplies. Lots of glue and paper and of course some sparkly cupcake stickers!

Sisters crafting together

The boys went with Ken to the Home Depot nearby and did their first craft. They got an apron with their name on it and a pin for the craft. Each time they go back they get another pin for their apron! This month – turkey themed napkin holders.

Oops Emanuel’s eyes were closed!

They had a blast making them! When they got back I retired to the bedroom for a 3+ hour nap… totally meant to just lay down for a few but apparently was not in the cards! I did manage some cleaning, laundry and a completion in my crochet though after I woke up! Sometimes you just need to stop for a while, even though it DOES go against the grain!

Sunday was another lazy day for us. Ken and I needed to get over our colds and really we needed to stay in one place and just RELAX for a while. Oh and clean… bedrooms, sunroom, school corner… I am still on the hunt for Thanksgiving this and that and hope to send Ken and a kid or two to the library this week for some books. 

Couldn’t resist a picture

Miss Echo DEMANDED Ken put her costume back on cape and all and ran around for half the day all dressed up. Did you know that Death loves fruit snacks??? Cuz this one does!!

She just LOVES this costume

Death eating… fruit snacks???

Amazingly enough after my 3 hour bath (oh yea combo of cold and taking a day off I mean REALLY CHOOSING TO! CRAZY! I feel so lazy!!) 4 of the kids took initiative and coloured some fall pictures we are going to mail to friends and family this week… while Zander (#5) did some cleaning and found his missing US map (thank you Gammie).


So now, we have TWO maps up in the boys’ room – Emanuel’s Little Passports map waiting for its first adventure and Zander’s US map. I am debating starting a new unit study across the US… You can check it out HERE. I just need to budget in the funds to purchase! This who no funding thing is certainly something to  get used to! 

Little Passports

Ken and the US

So with Echo sleeping away in her costume and Trinity still hacking a lung I am keeping fingers crossed for a decent Monday. We are starting to talk about Thanksgiving, going back to our dinosaur a day AND trying to finish that Halloween book! I am just glad that the boys are starting to actually get excited about new projects and ideas! Especially about sending notes and pictures to the friends and family back north! 

Speaking of friends up North… here is Echo chatting with Aunty Esther!

Leaning Towards Learning

Insomnia is never a good thing and on a Sunday night it certainly leads to a messed up Monday! Thankfully Ken was able to compensate and I got some sleep around 7am while the kids did their spelling, drawing and outside play. What we did accomplish was TWO crafts! I had been waiting to do these for over a week and am so glad we were finally able to assemble everything and get them done. 

Letters first

First was the Fairy Loom or Autumn Loom if you like. We used branches from back when Ken and his dad took down the trees in the backyard. They were easily cut down to make nice Y shapes. The boys did the stick hunting… And then we used some of the yarn that was laying around… this is a very thin yellow I have not found a use for… perfect for creating our woven framework.  Add in some pretty leaves and bright coloured feathers I got at Michaels with a coupon and there you are! 

Cutting down the branches

Weaving the thread

Adding feathers and leaves


We had a lovely conversation about how many fairies are going to come and enjoy our looms, whether or not they will dance in the night time and what they would look like. I love imagination and belief in the magical world around us! Trinity especially was sure they would love to sit and play on the feathers!

Apparently Fairies love bright coloured leaves!

Our second craft was a family one for our school corner in the basement. We made a wreath of all our hands. The boys helped each other and Emanuel to trace their hands and they cut out their own. We all wrote our name on our own hands and then Ken glued them onto a circular piece of paper. I think they turned out really nice!

Tracing hands

The final product

Of course we did our usual book work and spelling etc. but really the lack of sleep didn’t work in our favour. We tried a recoup on Tuesday, BUT due to an accident on the weekend, we couldn’t pick up our school supplies until that morning. I am so appreciative! A mother who is still on an egroup I joined here in Minnesota is done schooling – her kids are in college (I like that – homeschooling kids IN COLLEGE!) so she was looking to get rid of the last of her supplies. Well, this family is in need of expanding, so we drove out to Minneapolis and collected what she no longer needed. For our 40 min drive we got to see some pretty residential areas AND get a lovely pile of new supplies, some for later years but a whole box of stuff that will work for us immediately, games… some math manipulatives… books… again I am so grateful! We really cannot afford to go out and buy buy buy so these little bits and pieces are going to supplement what we do have and help us lead on in new directions! 

Supplies!! Thank you so much!

When we got back it was time for spelling and general busy work. Trinity tried her new binder on for size and really enjoyed tracing her finger on the numbers and colouring her A page. I really like this notebooking set. Some of the pages are in sleeves for the dry erase marker and some she is colouring herself permanently. I am going to assemble the elementary version as well once I have some spare time… and another binder! She was so proud to have her own book though! We did not do all the activities but did as many as we had attention for. You can find that downloadable HERE

Dry erase markers with the numbers

Trinity has this little princess book she brought down when we moved that has a few crafts and such in it. There was instructions as to how to make a crown… well this is HER interpretation of what she saw. I don’t think that it is wearable as a crown but to hang up… quite possible!!! 

A crown

It just happened that Trinity and Echo were wearing coordinating dresses, so of course we took some pictures!

Girls together

Now we sent the boys outside to collect the sticks that were left under the deck… our hope is that we can get all of the branches and leaves cleaned up and either stacked for wood or in the proper receptacle before Ken’s parents return. They got pretty well all of it to the front and Ken spent some time getting pieces chopped down to manageable sizes.  All in time for our evening plans – cupcakes and supper (spaghetti) with Quinn, Bree and Scott.

Supper with the kids

With her US god daddy Scott

We had a mini celebration of belated birthday for Echo. I baked a dozen cupcakes and a little cake with a cherry chip mix and then with a coupon got a container of icing for around 50 cents!! So we could let the kids help with the icing and sprinkles when it was time to eat. Bree made us cheese bread (yum!) and brought some more adult cupcakes (decadent). So we had dinner, desert and visiting. It was so much fun!

Decorating cupcakes

And then… we got to keep Quinn! Sleepover!!!

Ready for bed

So a great day!!! I am not sure how much schooling we will get done tomorrow but time with a friend and playing and sharing is legitimate learning too – sharing, caring, cooperation… all GREAT skills!!!   I will leave you with my two completed projects to date! TWO scarves… I am pleased with these!!!