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Happy Birthday Trinity!

9 years old, where has the time gone? April 26th marks Trinity’s turning 9. As we do with all the kids now, she got to plan her day.20170426_091533

We started off with pictures in the pretty dress we picked up for her that week at Sam’s Club.IMG_20170426_101506_129

Then it was a packed lunch and just us 3 girls off to the YMCA for some swimming. I opted to watch and take pictures from the sidelines, but the girls had the pool virtually to themselves. We had toyed with the idea of the girls spending a bit of time in the daycare while I worked out but when we went in it was a mad house of noise and babies.20170426_095726



After swimming was our picnic lunch in the lobby. Complete with a snack from the “snack machine”.20170426_112047

We brought our electronics of choice to use while we relaxed for the last of our girls’ morning out. Quiet, calm and exactly as Trinity requested.20170426_120106

Trinity chose all 3 of our outfits, actually!IMG_20170426_122929_805


Our afternoon was spent school free (another request) after a tiny bit of basic work, and relaxed on my bed.IMG_20170426_163414_015


Dinner was a daddy daughter only special time at Culver’s (lucky daddy!). It is one of her favourite places to eat.20170426_181717



Of course she opened presents! And had calls (video and phone) with grandparents. (Nana and Baba and Grandma Anna) Special thanks to Aunty Karyn, Aunty Holly and family and Gammie for mailing in special treats… it was a Pusheen themed event in the end! And without planning!20170426_191915

From Aunty Holly and family

From Aunty Holly and family

Thank you Gammie!

Thank you Gammie!


Cake was homemade from a Duff box mix and a hit all round. Made by DADDY!IMG_20170426_212638_039

All in all a happy birthday! 9 years in the making.20170426_213007


Barely in our Past For Once… December!

Woo! New year, new start, keeping up… not bad not bad. I don’t do resolutions, just gradually change my patterns. So here’s hoping.

Anyway… December, last month… well… Christmas, of course. Winter, some snow (sort of), busy busy. But now for the actual details of the month…IMG_20161204_22134320161220_101515

We had our traditional paper chain countdown, perler bead Advent chart AND of course, went to Activity Village for their Advent fun. Just a warning – they have gone to membership now, it is a reasonable cost and I have already signed up.


Early on in the month Shandai and I gave it a go at a Vendor sale and set up a table of my crochet and her knitting pieces. It wasn’t a huge success but it was fun! And hopefully something we can do again!IMG_20161203_115623

A pretty view out the back of the building

A pretty view out the back of the building

We did all sorts of fun crafts at home and at Daycare.IMG_20161206_141613


You really can make any picture Christmas-y

You really can make any picture Christmas-y

IMG_20161212_145503Practiced our recorders.IMG_20161207_223406

Christmas with the Schwartz family is a yearly much looked forward to tradition. Of course we decorated our small gingerbread houses.20161221_185445



This is mine, you can see the rest on the overflow post HERE.

This is mine, you can see the rest on the overflow post HERE.

Opened presents and had so much fun.20161221_202237


Look what the boys got!

Look what the boys got!

Ken and I took the girls to Jeffrey’s Christmas concert. We had Christmas with the Novaks on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun and we were there way past bedtime.FB_IMG_148264998684120161224_211435


We found Anthony a stuffed appendix and made him up the certificate! He loved it!

We found Anthony a stuffed appendix and made him up the certificate! He loved it!



Of course we had our Sunday School Christmas pageant. The Schwartz family came to watch.20161211_112307

We had a whole family of angels.IMG_20161211_160721



We also had dinner out at McDonald’s to celebrate.20161211_120829

We saw Santa a SECOND time (the first was at Macy’s with Nana and Baba HERE) at the YMCA. There was all sorts of fun to be had there. IMG_20161212_014136IMG_20161203_22355220161202_18242020161202_185648

We had our monthly Bookit reading program pizza.20161215_205823

And made cookies. This year we tried out a new gingerbread recipe from the Activity Village site HERE.20161216_193111


Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies

We had some lovely mail come. 20161220_105902




IMG_20161224_161050_772And spent plenty of time at the YMCA.



Little Lotus Yoga pose

Little Lotus Yoga pose

IMG_20161215_202555IMG_20161226_224057_803IMG_20161228_134945_654It was a jolly Christmas. Full of fun and friends and gifts and giving.

From Ken to me

From Ken to me

I got these lovely puzzle pieces for Ken.

I got these lovely puzzle pieces for Ken.

We took full advantage of our new fryer and made FRESH poutine!20161231_182920

We even made it to one of Anthony’s indoor soccer games.IMG_20161210_174921

Skyping family!IMG_20161224_120754_102

For New Years we spent the night at home with a lovely drop by last minute by the Schwartz family for an hour or two.20161231_222352


Yup quite the month!!! I hope you enjoyed the wander through images!

A Very Happy 8th Birthday to Miss Trinity

Hard to believe she is 8 already… And definitely her own girl as well. When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday this year she had a rather conclusive list:

  1. Go to the YMCA to swim with JUST mom and Echo… so Daddy drops us off and LEAVES.
  2. Opening presents with her brothers.
  3. Dinner at Culver’s with the whole family.
  4. Cake or cupcakes with Aunty Darcy and her boys (that last one will have to wait until a weekend of course).

The pool was basically empty (on the non lane side) except for us and after a minor blip of having forgotten out goggles and toy bag and having to call Daddy to drop them off we had a blast. I had to get the iPad out and email Ken to wait an extra half hour and come get us later.IMAG2906DSCN1521

DSCN1522DSCN1524I even packed a snack bag for the girls and myself. Echo angled successfully for an additional treat at the vending machines… I swear they ALWAYS go for the most irresponsible choice, though at the YMCA really the worst snack you can get is the rice krispie square.DSCN1529

We had a lovely stack of presents for Trinity to open, including a few items for the others. We had lovely parcels sent all the way from Canada and Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie, the items I made for Calli from our family AND a selection from Gammie all the way from Texas! Add to that yesterday’s FaceTime call from Nana and Baba and a phone call from Grandma in Canada after dinner and I think we did a good job covering the gift wish list.IMAG2910

IMAG2913IMAG2917IMAG2925Our afternoon had some minor classroom work, after all Mommy is a teacher at heart now, but for the most part we played on the new DS2D and hung out together in the bedroom.DSCN1540

Supper was at Culver’s, though Ken was kicking himself… WEDNESDAYS right now (apparently) are 2.00 kids meals… oops. Well we still spent less than you would eating out as a couple at a sit down restaurant and EVERYONE was full!IMG_20160426_163422

IMG_20160426_170042Cake will have to wait as we ended the day full up. BUT here are some more pictures from when I was playing with the camera of the girls. Happy Birthday darling Trinity.DSCN1532

In her new purple dress with her koala bag.

In her new purple dress with her koala bag.