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Red and Gold

November 1-3

Where in the world did October go? We are through with Halloween and onto the next big holiday – THANKSGIVING. Which is a much bigger deal than in Canada… and a different month all together. It is quite the trick to go from an event like Halloween and then back to school on a Friday no less.101_5067

We had a timely mail delivery of two of our magazine subscriptions to read during our reading time.101_5061

And of course we took a moment to enjoy the glory that is fall in our backyard. These trees were chosen (and planted when they first built the house) specifically for the fall season!101_5062

101_5064We had time for painting with watercolours (Thomas the Tank Engine)…101_5065

And a Halloween activity for Trinity.101_5066

We had a new countdown to the 5th and Aunty Karyn’s visit… that had us making Christmas cards on Saturday for all the people who live near her so that we could send off our early Christmas presents and save the shipping costs for mailing later!101_5071

We also had our Home Depot craft session РBOATS! 101_5070

We also finished our lovely ghostly footprints to go into our Halloween book. I love the individuality!101_5072

That evening it was finally time to eat our other mailed gift from Gammie – our cupcakes in a kit – a Hello Kitty Halloween themed. They went over VERY well.101_5073

We rounded off our weekend with first Sunday School (as usual) and THEN a beautiful afternoon out in the sunshine… a good stiff wind earlier in the day brought down a bounty of brightly coloured leaves.101_5091

So what better to do than rake them into a pile and jump and play in them… and THEN clean them up into the bags to be taken out with the trash this week?101_5079

101_5081101_5085101_5100Enjoy the pictures… I did take a few…101_5088



The inclusion of Echo

The inclusion of Echo






Hither and Thither and Yon

September 19-22

Half a week in and my family showed their love by coercing me to sleep in until NOON! Ken took a partial day off and we were able to go out and have a lovely Family Day. Just us 7 out and about running errands… getting free cookies at Cub… enjoying time together.101_4580

It was coupon week at JoAnn’s so I was able to buy quite a few skeins of yarn and save almost as much as I spent!! Way to make Christmas affordable! Though I do have some colours yet to pick up. It is fun to go and just look ¬†through yarn and feel it, see the colours… so many possibilities!

And still Miss Echo loves her hat… in fact, the girls BOTH uses their Grandma change to get special gifts for themselves at Walmart.101_4581

101_4582We are still holding in on the braids but their time has come to an end. I really need to learn how to do more than the simple stuff I am able to do.101_4583

and removed

and removed

101_4585We worked on some lovely poems using the letters of the twins’ names on Friday.101_4587

While Miss Echo went back to rocking her curls.101_4588

Trinity likes to re tell her stories using our books, her memory and a nice dose of imagination!101_4589

We had a crafty duo make paper tissue baskets (Zander).101_4590

And on Saturday the kids worked on getting dirty… enjoying the sunshine…101_4591

And attacking Daddy…101_4593

Equal opportunity…101_4594

On Sunday we had our second session of Sunday School! happy kids!101_4595

And then… thanks to a sale on apples at Cub… we made PIE!!!101_4598

101_4600101_4602101_4603How better to end the weekend (and the week for that matter!) than to have a run outside. With Daddy’s remote control car as well! Yay!101_4609

Canada Day EXPANDED!

July 1

Well belated Happy Canada Day. With our original post on the date HERE, it is time to expand on our activities and share some special red and white themed photos with you all!101_3048

photo (82a)101_3047101_3056I lucked out with Karyn’s package getting here in time for Trinity to wear her new Hello Kitty themed gear…101_3044

Oh and for ALL of us to take a turn with the themed Canadian sunglasses!











101_3038101_3110I love the beachblanket I picked up for a steal before we moved south and added to that the flag banner Karyn included.101_3054

101_3053101_3052Our schooling was totally Canadian focused with our lapbook…101_3058

101_3060And then another fireworks project. This one uses oil, water and food colouring. You can find the step by step instructions HERE thanks to The Little Sewing Shop. We had great results with less colours.101_3061

photo (82b)And for lunch, themed desert – strawberry jello with whipped cream topping!photo (82c)

We had a special book thanks to Grandma to read… M is for Maple by Mike Ulmer.101_3068

And Canadian pencils!

And Canadian pencils!

Then in the evening Anthony actually had a soccer game extremely local to us! So we packed up and enjoyed the sunshine with Darcy and her boys.101_3070

For more photos check HERE at our overflow entry!!

For more photos check HERE at our overflow entry!!

A great way to round off our Canada Day!photo (82)