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Look at how ambitious we were x number of years ago!!!! 


Our new year has us at one dinosaur per week… I am sure we will soon up that but for now Trinity and Emanuel are a dino a day. Our next dinosaur is a North American herbivore. The Parasaurolophus. Found in the Cretaceous period it had a distinctive crest and could run on either two or four legs. Found in Alberta, Utah and New Mexico there is still debate as to what its crest was used for… sound, smell, mating… one of the amazing things about paleontology is that there isn’t always a clear answer.

We had a Clash of the Dinosaurs video to watch… they really do use some amazing puppeteering. Thanks to Itsdre9x9.

And now for our list of links:

  • EnchantedLearning HERE
  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • The Dino Directory HERE
  • Science Kids HERE
  • The Big Zoo HERE
  • International Business Times special about the most complete Parasaurolophus discovered HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page from Kidopo HERE


This Cretaceous period herbivore is part of the duck-billed family. Emanuel was especially impressed by the Corythosaurus’ hollow, bony crest. It walked on two legs or 4 at times with a long, stiff tail to facilitate that. Found in North America it is believed to be a herding animal that potentially migrated to reproduce. We had TWO videos for this interesting herbivore. First, I’m a Dinosaur…

And then a second gem off of youTube, a video done by a young student for a class assignment.

And now for our links! We used EnchantedLearning’s page HERE. Jurassic Park included a page due to this dinosaur being a part of their game HERE. KidsDinos has its usual helpful map and charts HERE. We found a great artist’s rendition HERE. Kidzworld has some great images of the skeleton HERE. Our colouring page is HERE. And of course the Wiki article HERE.

Gotta love that smile