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Christmas Crafts Revealed

Now that our gifts have been received I can FINALLY share some images of the items I made and gifted! So sit back and enjoy the creations… of varying complexity!

For Trinity!

These were a lovely and relatively quick creation. I got the pattern from the Crochet Spot. You can either purchase patterns from them, or do what I did and do the monthly membership so I can come and go and take what I please. I made all of these using Red Heart yarn. You can find the actual pattern right HERE.

Also for Trinity

I have to admit to some over stuffing on this tea set but Trinity LOVED it! The pattern is available for purchase right HERE. Again Red Heart yarn.

Jimmie’s Penguin

When I asked Holly what I should get her family (my brother’s wife) she suggested this little gem. He is tiny and quick but oh so adorable. I used Red Heart yarn and a Lion Brand pattern. (I think you need to sign up with them to see it, but it is free). I am not a huge fan of button eyes… as you will notice with Echo’s pieces later, but he is adorable don’t you think?

James’ “hot chick”

This was made to go with the sock owl I made my brother the year previous (an Emo Owl)… Another Crochet Spot pattern, this little duckie is tiny and quick but oh so cute! (again Red Heart yarn)

Holly’s Cupcake

I could not resist the cupcake for my sister in law. Sadly I think I over stuffed this cutie but still, I think it looks rather yummy! Another Crochet Spot pattern, of course! I hope to make some of these to go with Trinity’s Christmas stuff… maybe in varying colours and play around with beads as sprinkles?

Echo’s bunny

Another Crochet Spot pattern, I skipped the features (I simply COULD NOT find the right buttons) and made this sweetie up in the usual yarn choice. The hat is removable and it has the cutest tail!! Mine is a little stiffer than the example but Echo is quickly squishing it into submission.

Echo’s snowman

Now I had to alter this pattern a bit, well more leaving things out, as it was for a 2 year old to snuggle. So no features and NO arms. I also made my own pattern for the scarf and played around with the hat. BUT you can find the original pattern HERE. Thanks again to my Facebook friend Keith for pointing this pattern out!

One of the soap savers

I think this one went to my brother and his family. But I tried various ones out to give away. You put the bits and pieces of soap bars you have left over in these and use them like a soap bar. Very cute! And, another Crochet Spot pattern!

Same colours as the old style large bulb outdoor lights

Ok so I favoured Crochet Spot with my gifts this year! There were two long strings of these Christmas lights for Ken’s parents. Ken researched the original colour pattern and everything. You can purchase the pattern for these HERE.

Pato inspired

My first original creation – that tiny hat on Pato’s head!!! Of course I used the same pattern for the bird as the one for my brother, I just made the beak longer.

This is a portion of Karyn’s Christmas present

This is a FREE pattern off of Crochet Spot. It is a Half Round Mini Bag. Listed as an intermediate pattern, I actually found that as long as I TRUSTED the pattern it all went rather smoothly!

Two felties!

The rest of Karyn’s gift from an Etsy purchase. There are 4 in the pattern set, so two more to make for another holiday!

And that is the bulk of my creations!