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A Look at Our Canada Day

July 1st

Yup, nearly a month behind STILL but here we are at our personal celebration of Canada Day. Of course our day started in our red and white glory with any and all decorations I have saved or in the case of paper chains – the kids have made out for display. Thanks again to Karyn who got us some of these patriotic pieces on her trip down here last year.101_8106 101_8105 101_8111 101_8112 101_8108 101_8110

This year we had a super special addition – a full on Canadian flag thanks to Facebook friend and twin mom Cyndi! The kids were so pleased to have what they consider THEIR flag out in the front yard for the day!101_8114 101_8115

What with it NOT being a holiday here we had to make our own special adventure. And we certainly tried our best. We took all the kids out to the mall with the beloved Carousal. And the kids ALL went up to the upper level to enjoy the ride.101_8117 101_8129 101_8125 101_8122 101_8121 101_8128

As a special treat Echo and Trinity got to ride on one of the coin cars… they seemed much more amazing when I was little.101_8138 101_8139

We took some lovely pictures in front of the mall too.101_8140

Our next stop was a nature center where we had our lunch in the van.101_8143 101_8142

Then into the center for a potty break only to go out to walk and Geocache EXACTLY when it started raining! Plan change – time for dancing in the rain instead!101_8144 101_8146 101_8145 101_8149 101_8147

We made a special maple leaf wreath…101_8154

Stopped at the library where I totally caved and got books in their on going book sale. I seriously cannot resist!101_8157

That was quite the special day for 6 and a half (the kids say Ken is HALF) Canadians out of their element in Minnesota!101_8153

101_8156And now for the adorable red and white overflow!! Sorry about the excessive images but we have some VERY proud little Canadians who wanted to share!!!!20140701_101608 20140701_101730 20140701_101304 20140701_101414 20140701_101456 20140701_102353 20140701_102401 20140701_101852 20140701_102034 20140701_102121 20140701_102219 20140701_102333


From a Bunny to Ducks… Quite the Weekend

April 12-13

Easter is not far in the future and this year we had our official Easter Egg Hunt with the two Schwartz families in what honestly was less than ideal temperatures. Overcast at the house, windy AND overcast at the hunt. We were divided by age so Ken and I sent the boys on their own with proper instructions and he took Echo and I got Trinity. Ken found Renee and Evan right away.101_6873

I found Chris, Nathan and baby Jeffrey (well his covered stroller) and then Matt, Fran and their twins.101_6879

101_6876What a haul! Two of the kids (Zander and Echo) found special eggs that got them little teddies but we did not win any draws. It was cold but it sure was fun! Really the highlight of a Saturday we otherwise enjoyed very quietly.101_6884

101_6881Sunday was a busier day with Sunday School first (I got to go with this time and had a LOVELY chat with the children’s choir director while we waited on the kiddos). After church we got changed and waited on the one kid who did NOT go to Sunday School… Emanuel went with Baba to a hockey game for his Scouts. Funny how things line up all over the place. That did leave Echo at home with Nana while everyone was out and about.101_6892

101_6888After we were returned to a family of 7 it was time to head out to Aunty Judy and Uncle Jim’s. Emanuel had called her earlier in the week asking if she wanted to buy a discount card that he was selling for scouts and she suggested we come visit and he could sell her one in person. Why not? After all our afternoon was free and clear! The draw of ducks, Robbie, a trampoline and a favourite aunt and uncle definitely had the kids on board!101_6895

Ken and Aunty Judy on Puzzle Dragons

Ken and Aunty Judy on Puzzle Dragons

101_6897The boys were all over the trampoline and pretty much dragging Robbie out the back door as we walked in the front. It is quite the wonderful backyard.101_6901

With a lovely late lunch in our tummies…101_6899

And tons of animals to play with…101_6903

Robbie and Uncle Jim even took them out to try the fancy skateboard things that we have sitting here at home (a Christmas gift from the same family).101_6908

What a great weekend! And to top it off, on Saturday I got a surprise package from Canada — a brand new Canadian flag! I had mentioned during winter Olympics that I wish I had had one. A Facebook friend (Cyndi) sent us one to fly on Canada Day!! Thank you soooo much!!!!101_6911

Fairy Tale Flirts!

Who doesn’t love a good contemporary spin on classic fairy tales? Especially when they are all tied together with common threads and elements?? Be it an exclusive brand of shoes (Jiminy, like the cricket maybe?) or a massively gorgeous apartment building (Grimm Apartments)… each of these tales has a taste of fairy tales, romance, humour and of course characters you love to love, complete with evil stepsisters and stepmothers and all!

Once again Lisa Scott has hit the spot for me with her bite sized contemporary romances. I am hard pressed to say which in this anthology is my favourite. Is it the rather bright and cynical Rose with her red hood or the adorable Cyndi with her borrowed “glass” slippers? Maybe Belle the carpenter or Shawna (Snow) White with the 7 children to nanny? Or Goldie with her unfettered lifestyle (was her coffee just right after 3 tries??)?

As with all of the Flirt series, Fairy Tale Flirts! is a wonderful series of 5 individual stories about 5 different couples. Of course they are all linked together but still you can read them one at a time or all at once and still enjoy. You can read my other reviews on her works HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. After all it all started with a pair of magical slippers… this time!FairyTaleFlirtsCollectionVol04