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Enantiornithine… Not a Dinosaur!

Back to rather old saved posts before I face the October resize. Enjoy this NOt dinosaur!

But a bird found during the age of dinosaurs. The¬†enantiornithine died out at the end of the Cretaceous period but was common during the Mesozoic era. With feathers and teeth, this omnivore has been found as small as a sparrow and as big as a turkey. Toted as the possible origin of feathers and birds… this prehistoric bird has been a creature of interest for some time. They are thought to be found everywhere but Antarctica, virtually all over the Pangea.

We came across the enantiornithine on Dinosaur Train so of course we had to hunt more. This bird was a wonderful creature to restart our dinosaur odyssey. We had one good video that both Emanuel and Gavin enjoyed. PL3_Bird_Enantiornithine Birds by Walter Jahn.

Our second video was more a peek at a rendering on the Dinopedia for Walking With Dinosaurs. An image from their opening HERE. Of course this bird is also featured on Dinosaur Train. You can watch them on PBSkids.org. Or Netflix of course. We found our best images on Google WERE Dinosaur Train. I simply did a Google search for enantiornithine  or enantiornithine  dinosaur train and clicked images.

We had a few links. Some were too advanced for my current learners but I have included them here all the same out of interest sake.

  • Random Thoughts has a… random thought about our bird HERE.
  • Dinosaur Train’s Field Guide… click search and find our bird HERE.
  • Dinosaur Train Wikia HERE.
  • Answers in Genesis has an article HERE.
  • Phys.Org HERE.
  • Wiki article HERE.
  • A Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology HERE
  • Our colouring page came from deviantArt. We used it to trace out our dinosaur and paste it on a scene the boys drew… Thanks to Albertonykus HERE.


Yup still got these old Dino posts… enjoy the flashback to resources once used!

3 guesses where this dinosaur was found… and the first two don’t count! Yup, found in the 90’s in Utah, USA, this bipedal carnivore is thought to be one of the largest raptors. One of the dromaeosaurs, this lightweight dinosaur was potentially a warm blooded dinosaur and more like a mammal than most. I had a special sheet for us to fill in information about this carnivore from Activity Village HERE. With razor sharp teeth and massive claws this predator was quite the fearsome creature found in the Cretaceous period.

Now for our video! Walking with Dinosaurs thanks to WWDinosaursLive.

And the rest of our links:

  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
  • Dinosaurs.about.com HERE
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  • Dino Fact File HERE
  • DinoDictionary HERE
  • Walking With Dinosaurs HERE
  • Dinopedia HERE
  • KidsDinos.com HERE
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  • Colouring page at Dinosaur-Coloring.com HERE


Found in South America, the Carnotaurus had a rather intimidating visage. The flesh eating bull had dangerous horns on its head and a yen for meat. Found in the Cretaceous period, this carnivore had near useless front arms and hands but powerful legs. Though there HAS been some debate as to what it DID eat… with both carnivore and herbivore teeth.

We found this dinosaur in our book

But, onto the videos… and we have an ADORABLE one that we had to watch TWICE! You will have to go TO youTube to see this animated short HERE. Our second video was much shorter…

There was also an interesting RADIO piece about our carnivore with CBC.ca (back to my roots)… Quirks and Quarks… a show I used to listen to with my dad as a child! You can listen in HERE.

Now enough of that… links!

  • Jurassic Park Wiki HERE
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  • KidsDinos.com HERE
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  • Dinopedia HERE
  • Wiki HERE
  • Our colouring page is found on deviantArt by Zakafreakarama HERE. You can find his artist’s page directly HERE.

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