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…And we are back to the dinosaurs while I sort out pictures for blog posts and proof others. Company, end of summer and back to full day school have slowed me a bit… but I promise to continue catching up! 


#3 on the Dinosaurs.about.com’s list of the top 10 weirdest dinosaurs is the VERY long necked dinosaur Tanystropheus. In fact, scientist believe that its neck is as long as it could be without the dinosaur completely defying physics!!! While not technically a dinosaur this archosaur was found in the Triassic period in Europe and the Middle East. It is actually thought that it would have used its head and neck much like a fishing line.

Our videos! First… Dinosaur Safari (Late Triassic) Clip #11: Tanystropheus by Kyle Hartman.

And the second, Tribute to Tanystropheus by ArchosaurKing.

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OH MY GOSH they are so young in the picture at the bottom of the post… which means this is a LONG belated post but at the same time I squeeeee at the adorableness… so that makes it all cool, right???

Another day another dino another herbivore from the Cretaceous period. The Struthiosaurus is an armoured dinosaur that was the smallest of the ankylosaurs (found to date). Found in Europe it is quite the impressive prey… well armoured, and low to the ground… not an easy target.

Out of the book

Our video included an image of our dinosaur but was not overly educational otherwise.

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Hello Rare Carnivore

Apparently in Africa there was NOT a large number of carnivores, but we lucked out with our Afrovenator. The name itself means African Hunter and hunt it did. Its likeness to other dinosaurs apparently had helped with the debate over the position of the continents at that time. Found in the EARLY Cretaceous period I actually found some excellent links and a few videos even with its anonymity in the grand scheme of dinosaurs on tv and popular culture! So let’s get started! First a video:

We started with The Dinosaur of the Week site and their terrific series of entries on our dinosaur HERE. In fact, our second video is down the page on this site. But to simplify things here it is:

Age of Dinosaurs has a great map etc HERE. I love the image on the Wikia Cool Dino Facts page HERE. Science Kids has a short write up HERE. Dinosaur.about.com has a nice discussion about the movement of the continents HERE. And another link HERE. Dinosaurking has a nice size chart of our dinosaur vs. humans HERE. EnchantedLearning has their fact page HERE. And Wiki has a great article HERE. Our print out is actually on the Dinosaur of the Week page! Be sure to scroll down! 

Such creative colouring