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Yes, more dinosaurs… or rather not dinosaurs… enjoy my continuing deflation of any sort of pride in how caught up my blog is! But once it is… bam I will be on top of the world!!!


Now there is a mouthful! Pronounced ZHE-zhang-OP-ter-us (does that even really help much either?), this is not a dinosaur but a pterosaur found in the late Cretaceous period. Found in the coastal area of Asia (specifically China), this flying lizard subsisted mainly on a diet of fish. It was toothless and had an usually long head and neck without any sort of crest. Moderately large in stature it had extra long legs as well.

This flying reptile was impressive in size and number of unearthed portions as well as pretty much full skeletons. Quite the interesting character!

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Time for our 4th Chinese dinosaur… the Microraptor. This carnivore was rather unique with its 4 winged limbs and its claws made especially for climbing. Not only was this dinosaur at home in the trees but it FLEW! With its full out feathers many have questioned if it is the link to birds! An early Cretaceous period dinosaur it was a predator in the air but in great danger on the ground.

Our video is from the series Planet Dinosaur.

Of course there are some links to share. Emanuel was rather enamored with the feathered back legs… there is a great image of that HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com shared their knowledge HERE. Dinosaur Facts has… well facts about our dinosaur HERE. The Natural History Museum has some points of interest HERE. National Geographic has an interesting 3D model on their site as well as an article HERE. Wiki has their informative article HERE. Discover – the Magazine of Science, Technology and the Future has a rather in depth article HERE. This article covers the colour and sheen of the feathers… we did not cover this as it was over Emanuel’s head but the bit I skimmed seemed very interesting! You can find our colouring page HERE.