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Keep Me Ghosted… Sophie Rhodes Romantic Comedy.

Sometimes those daily freebies on Amazon are absolute gems… Keep Me Ghosted, a first in a series by Karen Cantwell is one of those.

What is a single girl with a ghostly tag along to do but live life her own way? Sophie is an animal loving single girl with a one eyed cat and a pet flying squirrel named Peter Pan. I have to say I absolutely ADORE her ghostly companion Marmaduke… British and all!

In answering an add to work as a receptionist at a specialized optomotris’s office Sophie is introduced to the dishy Dr. Callahan and his not so friendly ghostly tag along Moonflower. With a struggling practice and ghostly interruptions there is lots to be accomplished, a minor mystery to be solved and hilarity to ensue.

This is the first in the series, and I am rather looking forward to future installments. You fall in love with the characters and honestly are right there with them all the way. The romance is gentle and REALISTIC. Sophie, for all her quirks and silly moments has a good head on her shoulders. Ghosts and a little witchcraft with a dishy doctor (eye) to boot… I honestly could not put this one down!

Keep Me Ghosted