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Welcome to Our New School Year

September 8-12

Our Canadian guests have come and gone as has much of the summer. So our first company free Monday of September was officially our beginning to a whole new year of schooling. Quite the move up… this is actually the ONLY time we state our grade for the year. Otherwise it is a constant working towards progress. So here is how we start up: the twins are grade 4 and 10, Emanuel 2 and 8, Trinity 1 and 6 and Miss Echo… pre school rambunctious. All posters were decorated by those holding them.101_9583 101_9584 101_9585 101_9586 101_9587 101_9588

This is the beginning of our trays and binders system. We shall see how it pans out. It is hard to keep tabs on all the papers each child uses.101_9592

We had our special lunches in our lunch boxes. The other 4 already had one from last year but Miss Echo got her very own brand new HELLO KITTY lunch box for herself. She was so proud!101_9593

We did a special craft for the day – using Sharpie markers to create stained glass style pictures using photo printer paper. Very simple an a lot of fun. We got a bunch of the photo paper a year ago when purchasing toner refills that were saved and never used.101_9594 101_9595

We had a special visit on our week of the new year… Renee brought the boys over for an afternoon visit. Who doesn’t love a gaming and baby break?101_9596 101_9598

Echo and I had fun doing sticker craft… a little early on the winter season stickers but they were what we had on hand. We are trying out different ways to keep her occupied. Daily to do boxes have not worked… she buzzes through them too quickly. But stickers, if only we could keep enough on hand, seem to work a treat. She did these without any assistance whatsoever.101_9599

One thing we did keep from the previous year was the clipboard with our daily tally on what we did and completed. I got the print out from the Back to School section on Activity Village (link on right).101_9600

We played magnets…101_9602 101_9603

Dressed up for pretend fun…101_9608

Created art for our pen pals (of which we have a few new ones!!)… I think we are all looking forward to getting to know our new long distance friends.101_9604 101_9609

We made a new wreath of our handprints to hang up. Those twins are getting quite the reach!101_9611

We got some amazing scarves from Gammie in the mail for the girls to model.101_9612

Made a few garage finds…101_9614

101_9613And finally picked up stuff for the new year of Scouts! Where has the time gone? And that is a quick overview of our first week of the new 2014-2015 year!101_9615

A Guest for the Weekend

July 18-20

A wee bit of schoolwork, just half a day… is all we need to earn a special treat on a decent summer day.101_8691

Now for the treat… going to the beach with some of our favourite beach buddies – Renee, Nathan, Evan and Jeffrey. We simply do not get bored of this lovely beach.101_8697101_8694 101_8696

101_8708 101_8699 101_8703Even Jeffrey got in on a little sand… not for a lack of our trying to keep his grabby fingers out of it. He is growing up so quickly!101_8707 101_8709

Every time we drive there and back we pass some amazing gates… I had to share a quick picture of them!101_8710

On Saturday we grew our ranks by one… Aidan came for a sleepover. He is definitely a welcome addition.101_8712

101_8714 101_8717101_8720The girls got a special mailing from Gammie… pretty dress up bits they were more than willing to share between them. Sadly I think TRINITY walks better in heels than I do!!!101_8719

We ended our Saturday with a movie in the livingroom… and popcorn of course!!101_8721

Sunday was the final installment of our VBS… the kids all came together (some in their special shirts) and sang a song for the congregation. We stuck around for the song but had plans after that with Aidan. It seems like our summer has zipped by. Sundays have been so tied up with cousins leaving and friends needing us that we have not made it to church like I would have liked.101_8726

After singing we packed everyone up with a picnic and sunscreen and headed out to the beach. First stopping at the park…101_8728 101_8732 101_8733

It was even windy enough to fly kites!!! Clearance find at Walmart at the end of last season.101_8740 101_8743 101_8744

Of course the main attraction was the beach and lake itself.101_8749

101_8751 101_8756 Aidan is a blast to have with the kids. They took turns being covered with sand and everything.101_8760

Definitely wore them out.101_8767

And with Aidan being a fellow Lego lover, he was a great help in building the new Mixels sent from Gammie.101_8771

Throw in creativity and some time in the sunroom and I think we showed Aidan a fun sleepover! He definitely is a family favourite!!!101_8772

And some extra photos to enjoy!101_8734 101_8748 101_8762 101_8765 101_8766 101_8753

A New Week A New Theme

For all resource links please check out the entry “Saint Patrick’s Day Resources“.

March 4-5

With the Platypus behind us and Dr. Seuss well celebrated it is time to move onto the next series of themes… World Book Day is the 7th and we are starting to create the pieces for our St. Patrick’s Day poster (17th). With all the resources and options out there for the green themed day I am going to make a specific resource page separate from the weekly entries like I have been doing lately with other subjects.

Because of our busy weekend and the ending of TWO major projects in such great time I decided that we would spend the bulk of our time on Wild Kratts episodes. We got a DVD set from the library and the boys completed FOUR animals!

Pj Wild Kratts day

Crocodile… a surprisingly AMAZING mother!

The beaver… reminiscent of my education in Canada as a child!

Common worm… kinda cool!


Trinity and Echo have found the joy in playing dress up. I have started our collection of things, old Halloween costumes etc… that is where the crowns will live once the novelty wears off!

Dressed up

Their afternoon was a MINECRAFT afternoon… Minimal arguments and lots of creativity.


Tuesday was a definite snow morning. While not a full out raging storm snow just keeps coming down. Enough that over where the Novaks live it was a snow day, so too bad a weather for Darcy and Aidan to come collect the snow pants that accidentally came home with us Sunday night. Perfect weather for the twins to be in charge of shoveling at least the walk and some of the driveway.

Hard at work

We had a book from NetGalley to review – A Promise is a Promise by Robert Munsch. An absolute favourite Canadian author of ours. You can read the kids’ thoughts on it HERE.

We started our St. Patrick’s Day themed books on Tuesday…¬†Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun by Sean Callahan.

Starting our books

And…¬†St. Patrick’s Day by Mari. C. Schuh.

Getting into the festive spirit

We have started our worksheets and crafty bits as well. I will go back and link my resources at the top of this blog. If you want a specific link before I do that please feel free to contact me!

Not so physical treasures

Leprechaun paper dolls… I was surprised at how… curvy… the girl was!

So we have started our green phase… I am actually enjoying my hunt for resources. Making these separate blog entries and having it all organized just feels GOOD!

Big smiles and blue eyes