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Happy Easter… OVERFLOW!

Because as you all can tell by now, I just cannot help myself!!!

Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt

Antony and Echo

Candy and her cupcake bag


A strange glow

I love Snoopy… two pics, slightly different facial expression

I am not sure how to categorize that expression

Kitty in a basket

This is the face she made when we ran out of eggs to dye!!!

In matching shirts, according to age… thank you Gammie!

Dressing pretty to see Grandma and Grandpa Mike


They were taking turns playing babies and mommies

Echo’s first time in a pool

Grandpa Mike and Trinity

I love this picture of Ken!

Grandma and Emanuel

With Gavin


Daddy and his girls

Practicing our floating

Hot tub!



My family

Playing UNO with Grandpa Mike

With most of their grandkids

Joe and Faithe

Easter at the Johnson’s


My boys