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Easter In Early April

I don’t know why but whenever Easter falls right ┬áthe beginning of the month of April (this year the 5th) it always feels like the rest of the month is on FAST FORWARD! Of course, we made sure to follow our family traditions… pictures of the family together, girls in pretty dresses and new hats, the bunny ears (though those are getting too small for the available heads). Now that we are set in our home church we also went to Easter Sunday Service. Add in some decent spring weather and dying of eggs and I figure we did it up right.

The girls did classic egg dying... messy but fun!

The girls did classic egg dying… messy but fun!


Ken and the boys tried something we saw on Facebook... rice and food colouring in a cup then shake... it worked!

Ken and the boys tried something we saw on Facebook… rice and food colouring in a cup then shake… it worked!

IMAG2059Although, I must admit the BETTER pictures were taken a week later in the same outfits (for the kids) in a shadier spot. The original picture was taken in front of the small Catholic church at the end of the street (they have a larger building behind they now use but it is less aesthetic). Sun was not our friend and the camera battery our mortal enemy!102_0363

IMAG2113Of course I also took pictures in the church…


The following weekend…102_0366

102_0367IMG_2591I actually spent much of my month before creating baskets for each of the kids. I could not resist this crochet pattern and was able to embellish it as I wanted. Add in some presents from Mom and Dad and Gammie and I think it was rather fun! You can find the pattern HERE.IMAG2075

IMAG2125IMAG2139IMAG2145Of course we had to take a picture with our new FAT SHEEP… well Echo named her Cookie the Sheep… she was a lovely gift from Sharon back in Canada… our predecessor had been loved flat by Miss Echo so Cookie lives OUTSIDE the bedroom. (New Easter hats as usual too!)IMAG2091

So a very happy belated Easter… CHRIST IS RISEN… HE IS RISEN INDEED… HALLELUJAH!

And us

Our Easter stained glass windows.

Our Easter stained glass windows.

And just a couple more images… there is something special at looking back at these days and pictures that reminds me how precious this year has been!IMAG2146



Happy Happy Easter!!

March 30-31

This was a rather busy weekend for our family… first off… HAPPY EASTER everyone! And in the same breath – Happy Birthday Uncle James! The 30th was my brother’s birthday… so of course yours truly had to get in a call to him and his wife Holly that night… but first… the day of the 30th…

Dressed in their Easter gifts from Gammie

With Nana and Baba settled in for the morning it was finally time to do the yearly dying of the eggs. This year was amazingly… brief. But the results were colourful and pretty.

Getting at it

So pretty on our Easter table

Even Echo got in on the dying… once we took all her clothes off of course!

Busy baby

Ken and Emanuel had some special Daddy/Son time playing PS3.

Gaming together

The evening was the main source of excitement – Grandma and Grandpa Mike were in town for an over nighter on their way to Route 66 and 3 weeks of travels.


So there were presents to check out… And the pool to swim in (they really DO need those lessons this summer!)…

Thank you Tammy and family for the belated Christmas present!

Pool time

Venturing out

With Mommy… in need of a new suit I think

And then back to the room for snacks…


We were there well past 10… our 3rd late night of the week. Ouch!

In their dresses with their new teddies… one is white, the other off white

Boys and their toys… mini Fat Sheep

I have a series of her in the mirror… they will be in an overflow entry!

Sunday the 31st was Easter Sunday. Another jam packed day of course. First though, with all that tulle and matching dresses and the boys all in plaid it was time for PICTURES!!!

Pretty Baby

All my babies in a row

Just my girls

With the traditional Easter Hats

And then, back to Grandma and Grandpa Mike’s hotel room for some more cuddle time while we watched tv, visited and played around until 11 am and check out.

All in their Easter duds

Playing with Grandpa Mike’s watch

After check out we went to the nearby McDonalds for lunch. And then it was time to say good bye and see them off on their first leg of their journey – Mall of America.

At McDonalds


Two tables of course

Me and my Mommy

We returned home in time for the Johnson family festivities… so pictures with the cousin first…

Proud grandparents

Then baskets and a wardrobe change for Echo (and eventually Trinity)! The Easter Bunny was generous this year.

Bunny related chaos

Outfit #2

With lots to eat there was plenty of room around the table.


And lots of time to play.

Playing in the 3 seasons porch

Our first Easter in Minnesota was a BUSY weekend..,. but an amazing one all the same!

…and best of all we were all together