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Christmas Scandal… Not! A Book Review

Back to the regency era with this short story. First off, I LOVE the little definition of the romance content the Amazon page gives: 

Blush:  This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content)

Doesn’t that just make you want to read it?? I will admit right off, this is a 2 chapter story really with not a whole lot of development. The romance is already there – at the end, a married couple. But, the eccentric spinster sisters Elf and Ally are a treat and their willingness to promise (and follow through) help to anyone in need is heartwarming. Now, you really don’t have any reason to feel for the people other than the fact that it is a lovely quick tale to read on a quiet afternoon. For someone like myself who loves all things regency it is perfect though for a little bit of the era on a snowy afternoon!

So if you just want a taste of regency Christmas Scandal… Not! By Jeanne Savery (labelled a Scintillating Sample) is a great taste of her writing style. 

Christmas Scandal… Not!


Sorry everyone, our week ended in a rush! Please enjoy the pictures, catch up to follow tomorrow!

As always enjoy the overflow… I don’t think I will ever get tired of taking pictures of some of my favourite subjects… I just hope I am not boring everyone else!!

Busy work

Such a big girl

Creating with puzzle blocks

Decorating the trees

A girl and her gingerbread man

Miss 80’s

Fun in the snow

Baba: Watch out… I’m going to break your forearms…
Ken: ….
Everyone else: ROFL

Princess baby

Sharing the iPad

Oh Christmas Tree!

Guarding the presents.

Emanuel and a Santa’s Elf


Learning a family tradition – making home made cabbage rolls

Hello Kitty

To Kill a Warlock, an Urban Fantasy

And I am back with another first in a H.P. Mallory series. This one featuring Dulcie the Fairy. She is hard working, independent and absolutely a riot. Dulcie the fairy has enhanced speed and fairy dust… which is a really amazing ability I am not going to ruin for you by explaining away. Unlike Jolie from the other series… Dulcie is a rather strong character. She doesn’t waver in her decisions… except perhaps in regards to her ears that are pointed, as she explains, like Spock. Something she does not like. 

There is an element of romance, a strong mystery, undercover work.. TWO men in her life – her boss the elf Quillan and the new man in the room – Knight who is a great unknown. Add in other strong male paranormals… a vampire for one who does NOT sparkle, and some nitty gritty crime work and I have to admit this series is much more to my tastes. 

Don’t get me wrong there is some gore, people do NOT die pretty and some blatant sexual content… they have to go undercover briefly in an S&M club… but not something that goes on and on and on. The character interactions are varied and entertaining, the supporting characters make you giggle and of course there is Dulcie fighting crime, putting herself on the line and snapping out amazing banter. 

If you can handle the more mature elements and like some magic with your crime, check out To Kill a Warlock, the first in the Dulcie O’Neil series. 

To Kill a Warlock