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Family Fun Day!

March 24-26

The 23rd ended with a lovely birthday call to my dad catching us up and just generally reminding me of how much of a Daddy’s Girl I always have been and always WILL be. Half a country closer is not close enough but it is nice!

Warm fuzzies gave way to MORE snow! Come on Mother Nature!!! Can we please have that spring now??101_6557

So instead we worked on enjoying not only what we did on the weekend…101_6558

But new art to draw thanks to Art For Kids (link on right)…101_6559

And afternoon snacks. With our regular schoolwork and some together time, not a horrible start to a new week.101_6560

Our Tuesday was quiet and full of written work. We are trying to write more stories, reflect more… talk about things more… and of course continue reading together, alone, to each other. Cooperation is something we are really working on, an patience of course.

Wednesday was a special day – FAMILY FUN DAY! Which meant first doing our basics (spelling, math, reading) and then moving onto games.101_6562

101_6563Emanuel, Trinity and Echo got creative and found all the little hats they could find and the Easter Egg Bunny that they got last year from Gammie and cornered me to take pictures of a bunny hat fashion show! It may not have been hugely educational but it WAS highly adorable!

The willing (?) model

The willing (?) model

101_6570101_6568101_6565101_6567101_6566101_6569101_6574101_6573With the bunny done showing off its amazing runway skills it was time to head out for the FUN portion of our day – a trip out to Sam’s Club. The kids LOVE going there… samples, wandering the aisles, talking prices (the twins are starting to catch some of the prices as deals or expensive).1911826_10152315251561151_1646132086_n

We rounded off our day with a great Freecycle find – a toy chest for Echo and Trinity’s dress up and doll clothes. It needs a little work but that is what a good weekend is for!10001506_10152315112311151_1792976729_n

I figured it was also a great time to bake a box cake. After all kids who are freshly over a cold and have been working hard on their schoolwork need a  good snack, right?1981844_10152315842191151_1355485129_n

We are all feeling much better this week! And now the countdown is on to Uncle James’ birthday and HIS birthday call. I miss my brother and his family!!!101_6561

Cough Cough Sneeze Sneeze

March 18-23


This was a pretty nasty cold with more and more kids getting sick. So Tuesday was not an improvement on Monday. However we did finally have our green lunch! Just as dinner.101_6525

And then… MORE SNOW!101_6527

I also finally got my labels up on the shelves. I am already seeing ¬†this help with organization… the bane of homeschooling… you never get everything put away, there is always something on the go so if I can organize SOMEWHERE then I am going to hop up and do so!101_6529

Wednesday was doubly rough with teacher succumbing to the nasty bug. So we… rested!101_6530

We did try to get more on track on Thursday.101_6531

101_6532The twins even managed to complete their United States state books. Not much more than an introduction to each state (half a page) and such but it was a chance to see them on a smaller scale than a whole country map.101_6533

We brought out the Time Bingo game I got months ago for a dollar at Target and saw some huge leaps in the ability to read an analog clock.101_6534

We ended the week with a Family Fun Day. The usual… check out the yarn at Joann’s, run into places we had coupons for…101_6543

101_6544And a wander in one of the smaller malls.101_6537

We had toyed with going to ride on the carousal but the kids were certainly not up to that treat. Instead we went to the food court and got the kids cinnamon buns to share. That is a SUPER treat as I think it has been nearly a year since they have had something like that. I lucked out and found a Japanese place that is almost as good as Edo Japan… and something TRINITY liked! Sauce on the food and all!!!101_6540

101_6542We have our daily laundry chore to handle.101_6545

And then a movie to round off our fun day.101_6546

On Saturday we had Matt, Fran, Izzy and Henry over for afternoon snacks. Everyone gets rather excited when we know they are coming. It is really one of our best chances for play and visit for kids AND adults and I am so thankful for it.101_6549

Sunday was Sunday school and then car building. Sadly it was the twins’ turn to be absolutely out of sorts and for the first time in ages require naps without being sick!101_6552

101_6554The best way to end a sick week/weekend… quiet play! And the prayer that we ALL get better quickly!! After all spring is here… in name…

Bit of an emphasis on games lately!

Bit of an emphasis on games lately!